Wondering about the best places to celebrate Christmas & new year in Himachal? Every time you visit the mountains, a piece of yourself is always left behind. Exactly where do we stand? Dev Bhoomi Himachal has it all: foggy mornings, soaring mountains, lakes, historic sites, old monasteries, fresh air, and stunning sunsets. Winter is the most gorgeous of all the seasons, in my opinion. You’ll undoubtedly be entranced when you first see the snow-covered mountains in the full moonlight. We assure you that it will provide you with lifelong memories.

Perhaps you’ve attempted to schedule a trip to Himachal Pradesh in the past but were unsuccessful. Therefore, the time is now. Get up, prepare your bags with winter clothing, and organize your tickets. There is a lot to do here, from amazing music festivals to icy New Year’s Eve parties. Simply open the state’s doors to take advantage of the benefits of being a visitor. Tadaa!!!! Will share the best places where you will get the perfect place to stay. Himachal Pradesh is one such place where you should head this Christmas and new year. Aaroham Resort is located in various places in Himachal Pradesh and is the best hotel in Himachal Pradesh.


4 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas & New Year in Himachal


The new year in Dharamshala will undoubtedly excite you. Dharamshala is a desirable location to start the new year because of its majestic mountains, a large population of spirited tourists, and distinctive culture. You can watch the New Year Fireworks in Dharamsala from some of the best cafes, restaurants, and rooftops in the city if you’re not in the mood to party. You can take part in some fantastic New Year events in Dharamsala. If having a good time in the great outdoors is your thing, go camping with your friends for an unforgettable adventure. So, get in the celebratory mood and start partying! Season end sale is live, select our Best Resorts in Dharamshala and allow Aaroham resorts to be at your service.


Shimla (Shoghi)

Want to ring in the New Year in Shimla at an amazing party? Book your stay in the Land of Serenity then, friends. Nothing to worry about here! Everyone can find something here. Let’s start with the picturesque hillock, which has a lot to offer tourists, including the Rendezvous Bar and Restaurant, Himani Bar & Restaurant, and many other locations where you can spend an unforgettable New Year’s Eve. From opulent lodgings like Aaroham resorts, where you will enjoy luxurious amenities, to Devicos Bar, where you can drink and dance. Known for their signature drinks and laid-back atmosphere, lounge bars like the Cloud Nine Bar, Lounge Bar, and Sixteen 69 Lounge Bar are the ideal places to ring in the new year. Shimla’s New Year’s Eve combination of buzzing nightlife and breathtaking scenery will leave you speechless. So let’s forget about house parties and go party which you can’t forget your whole house. Enjoy your stay with all the modern amenities available in our Luxury Resorts in Shimla


Manali (Naggar)


A hill station is renowned for its stunning surroundings. It serves as a snow magnet during the winter, drawing a large number of visitors and making the hotel owners the happiest people on earth. The anticipation for the new year’s parties, where you can enjoy the sparkling lights, lively music, delectable food, and bonfire, is something that both tourists and locals look forward to. On Christmas and New Year’s Eve, a lot of Manali cafes and resorts host bonfires, DJ parties, and dinners for the amusement of visitors. These events are typically held in Old Manali. Because of the crowds at this time, it is preferable to make reservations in advance and book the Luxury Villas in Manali.  Mall Road is a well-liked location to visit on New Year’s Eve; you simply cannot miss shopping at the busy markets.



Do you want to ring in the new year peacefully or amid the crazed crowds? Not to worry. There is nowhere else like Dalhousie that combines tranquility and a lively environment. Here, you can spend an evening in peace as well while taking in boisterous music, lavish parties, and crazy crowds. Dalhousie has a lot to offer, including expansive green landscapes, Victorian architecture, gorgeous churches, and entrancing waterfalls. Isn’t that a pretty picture of the beginning of a new life in the mountains? This hill town, which is surrounded by forests, offers a wide range of recreational opportunities. EAT, SHOP, AND START THE NEW YEAR WITHOUT ANXIETY.

You can purchase items like bags, Kashmiri shawls, Buddhist paintings, and Tibetan handicrafts from the local markets, which are teeming with them. You’ll be treating your taste buds as soon as you see the street food vendors! In Himachal Pradesh, it is among the decent ways to ring in the new year.

Christmas bells are about to ring as we near the year 2023. One of the most anticipated times of the year is spreading a lot of joy and good vibes on December 31st night. A wonderful new year filled with joy is here! Let’s ring in the New Year somewhere new with new aspirations, objectives, and sentiments. Avoid the last-hour rush and get the best hotel in Dalhousie. Shimla, Dalhousie, Manali, Dharamshala, 4 Best Places to Celebrate Christmas & New Year in Himachal


Celebrate Christmas & New Year in Himachal

The Christmas and New Year season is the time for celebration and merry making with family and friends. The festivities in festive season are so colorful that it attracts people from every corner of the world. People celebrate Christmas with their family members. The main attraction of Christmas celebration is Christmas tree- the symbol of Christmas. The party gets started with the lighting of the Christmas tree.

In the night New Year’s Eve, people celebrate the arrival of the New Year in a very innovative manner. New Year’s Eve party is one of the most lavish parties in the world. The grandeur of the celebrations testifies the importance attached by the people of Himachal Pradesh to this festival.