Why do you require a medical marijuana card following AZ 207? 


The demand for an Arizona medical marijuana certificate is growing rapidly due to the state's recent changes in marijuana laws. With the passing of Proposition 207, the state has legalized the possession and usage of medical marijuana for individuals who are certified with a valid medical marijuana card. This has led to an increased demand for these certificates, as many patients are now seeking access to the therapeutic benefits of marijuana. Furthermore, with the advent of telemedicine, it has become easier than ever for individuals to obtain a medical marijuana certificate. This has made it more accessible for those who may not have been able to obtain the certificate in the past due to limited availability or financial constraints. As the use of medical marijuana continues to be accepted and embraced in the state of Arizona


Arizona's marijuana card advantages Include:

Employment Security - Employers are more likely to hire individuals with a medical marijuana card, as they are legally allowed to use the substance without fear of legal repercussions. Furthermore, individuals with a medical marijuana card may have greater job security, as it can be difficult to prove that an employee is using cannabis at work without a card.

Housing Defense - Those with a medical card are protected from eviction and discrimination due to marijuana use in housing. Landlords are not allowed to deny an applicant solely based on their medical marijuana card.


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Lowest Price Cannabis - Medical marijuana cardholders have access to the lowest prices for cannabis products. These patients may even qualify for discounts on select products

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