Path of Exile Best Class Guide

If you have ever played Path of Exile, you know that each class has its own special abilities and powers. These special powers allow you to fight stronger enemies. Each class has its own set of moves, and you can make your character more powerful by choosing the best class that fits your play style.

Double Strike

If you are looking for a class that provides a solid block chance, decent Life pool, and enough defenses to go a long way, look no further than the Gladiator. The Gladiator is also one of the most cost-effective classes in Path of Exile. It is a great option for league-starter builders.

Although the Gladiator can scale well into endgame gear, it's best not to rush out and buy all the gear you can afford. This is especially true of the sword and board fighter. As a result, it's a good idea to focus on utility skills and gear upgrades rather than spending money on extra damage.


Path of Exile offers a plethora of classes and build options to choose from. Each class has its own unique benefits and disadvantages. However, there is one class that has stood the test of time.

The Witch is a go-to class for beginners and veterans alike. The Witch can deal out some serious damage while also providing some important support abilities. They can also reach powerful spellcasting nodes a lot quicker than other classes. Elementalist is a master of three primary elements, including fire and lightning. This class boasts some great abilities and is a good choice for a Path of Exile build.


Occultist is one of the most versatile Ascendancy classes in Path of Exile. Whether you are looking for a build that focuses on damage over time, a pure curse build, or a chill build, the Occultist has something to offer everyone.

Occultist is a class that has historically been resilient. The class is not dependent on mana, and you can generate power charges without needing to use a map mod. It has also been noted that the class is quite tanky. However, it is important to note that the class may be weak to fast boss kills.

Occultists can benefit from the synergy of Chaos Damage Over Time skills. This is because the class has the ability to apply a Curse to an enemy, granting extra damage for every Curse applied. In addition, Occultists can utilize the energy shield. Having a strong Energy Shield is a must when facing off against monsters and bosses.


If you are looking for a tanky character to handle tough battles, the Juggernaut best class in Path of Exile is a great choice. This class has high damage output, and a wide range of powerful abilities to boost defenses and offense. But the Juggernaut also has a few drawbacks.

Juggernaut builds can be a bit tricky to play, especially in difficult fights. You need to be mindful of the surroundings, and be sure to get the right gear. In addition, you should make an investment in currency.

There are many different ways to build a Juggernaut, and each one will offer something unique to your playstyle. However, a good general rule is to focus on two-handed weapons. These weapons offer excellent attack speed and damage. Also, you should look for life leech modifiers and flasks with extra charges.


The Ranger is the class of the Path of Exile. They are a versatile and safe class that can deal heavy damage with a dagger, bow, and a sword. Although they lack health buffs and energy shields, they are able to bypass status effects. Their ranged attacks are lethal, and they can snipe enemies from a distance. If needed, interested individuals can click here or visit our official useful link in order to know about Poe Currency Buy.

Rangers can specialise into three Ascendancy classes. They can be a Tank, a Ranger, or a Shadow. Each class has their own strengths and weaknesses. Choosing a build and playing the role that suits you best is essential. For instance, a Tank needs to watch his health. A Ranger can do the same, but the ranger can do so from a distance.


The Witch is a great class in Path of Exile. This is a great choice for beginners and veterans alike. It has a large skill pool and easy access to spell casting nodes. In fact, the Witch is one of the most powerful classes in the game.

However, it's important to pick the right Witch to fit your playstyle. You should make sure to pay attention to how the class is going to function and what it costs you in terms of skills. One of the best aspects of the Witch is its ability to deal significant damage from a distance. With the help of some powerful magic, the Witch can slash enemies from afar.