Top 5 Best Performing Cloud Storage For Gaming 2023

If you belong to any gamer community then you have felt that a massive transformation is going on in the video game industry. Playing High-end games like GTA 5, PUB-G, Fortnite, etc, and streaming them to Youtube, we have come far away.

Cloud Computing has given the Movies, Music, and other entertainment industries new wings and Gaming Industry is no exception to this. And gamers are embracing these changes very conveniently. But choosing the best cloud storage for games is a little confusing because of Atomastic competition in the market.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 best gaming cloud services.

How Cloud Storage For Gaming Works?

In this method, you can play video games while using remote data centers without even installing the game into your device. You need a fast internet connection and have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to use the service.

What Are The Major Advantages You Can Get While Using Cloud Storage For Gaming?

Here are some major advantages you can get while using cloud storage for gaming:


Safety and Security: Most Cloud storage companies provide users with multi-layer password protection and end-to-end encryption. That prevents you from external cyber threats like Hacking, data theft, and other unwanted events.


Global reach: You can easily connect and enjoy the global gaming community through the cloud. It provides you with a Global reach to play and stream the games.


Cost Reduction: Cloud storage has significantly changed the system requirements for gaming. Now you don't have to spend a lot of money for buying high-end PCs and Console. It just only gets possible because all the data while playing games is directly saved to the respective servers. On the other hand, Companies now don't have to pay fees for Bandwidth. All the Cloud storage gaming model runs on the ‘Pay as you go’ Model that requires prepaid payments for accessing the service.


Enhanced Compatability: The cloud allows you to play games without even downloading and installing them on the device. You need a fast internet connection. It's like a Video streaming OTT platform that you can access with any device anytime and anywhere around the world with just one click. 


Reduce Piracy: When you play Games directly on the cloud it minimizes the chances of any alien activity or unauthorized intervention from the outside world. Cloud hosting services such as pCloud have attempted to address this issue by placing their servers closer to users around the world. Additionally, users who take advantage of the pCloud deal will be able to store up to 10TB of data with their lifetime subscription - this helps gamers save time and money while enjoying their favorite titles. 


Easy Access to more Games: In the Cloud system, you can easily play multiple games simultaneously. That gives you agility and control over your actions and provides immense customer experience. This also gives opportunities to the service provider to earn more profit which would motivate them to innovate more.

These are the Top 5 Best Gaming Cloud Services 2022 

After a lot of research, we have made this the Top 5 Best Cloud for Gaming.


NVIDIA GEFORCE NOW is the top Cloud Gaming platform that allows you to play and stream high-end AAA games. You can play all the games by just integrating your library with different game clients like Uplay, Epic, etc. You can play and stream more than 1000 games at up to 1080p at 60 fps which enhances the gaming experience radically. The Platform runs on every major operating system like Windows, Mac, Andriod, or any other on smartphones, laptops, Pcs, and Tabs. So you can run your favorite games smoothly. When it comes to the price point NVIDIA GEFORCE Now offers a Basic free plan and a Priority Plan that cost you USD 19.99 per month.


AMAZON LUNA is a part of Amazon's cloud architecture that is specially designed for gaming purposes. You can run Luna on PCs, laptops, mobile, and Amazon firestick with a fast internet connection.

Luna allows you to play all the games in 1080p at 60 FPS and some of them even in 4K ultra HD. Luna also provides various features that enhance your gaming experiences like online multiplayer, streaming of games at two devices at the same time, online multiplayer, and many more. You can additionally buy a Luna controller that works like a Nintendo Switch for a better gaming experience. Luna offers a variety of plans to its users, you can subscribe to their monthly plans. As of now, it offers the primary Luna+ channel cost $5.99 per month. and the family plan costs you $2.99 per month.


VORTEX provides an affordable cloud gaming platform that offers some useful features for a smooth gaming experience. It provides a simple solution for its users. But leaves you fewer options as compared to Amazon Luna, NVIDIA GEFORCE, or any other major Cloud-based gaming platform. In VORTEX you don't have to download and install the games directly but choose from the available catalog. When it comes to device compatibility Vortex runs on Windows, Mac, and Android. One of the best things about Vortex is that you can run your games from the Chrome browser which opens up endless gaming opportunities for its users. Vortex is one of the most affordable cloud gaming platforms, it will cost you $9.99 per month for more than 90 games.



PLAYSTATION NOW  is a Cloud-based gaming platform of Sony Interactive Entertainment. That provides you access to hundreds of games that runs on PS3, PS4, PS5, and PS6 on your Microsoft devices only. You can download many games directly from the cloud which reduces the lags and other technical issues that affect the gaming experience. Another awesome feature is that you can get monthly addition of games that provides you with more options to choose from. If you are looking for an affordable cloud-based gaming platform with a variety of games then PS now is the best option for you. When it comes to pricing, PS now offers three plans to its users. Monthly plans cost you $9.99 per month, Quarterly plans will cost you $24.99, and $59.99 per annum.


GOOGLE STADIA is the fastest emerging Cloud-based gaming platform that provides you the simplicity and compatibility in gaming. You can play all the games on Google stadia without even downloading them with almost no platform updates. To set up Google stadia you have to have a google account for the signup.

After that, you can run your favorite games on Chromecast ultra, Google TV, Android TV, Computer, and mobile.

You can play your games at 1080p with 60 FPS quality and in 4k Ultra HDR at 60 FPS in Stadia pro. It has only one monthly plan to offer which costs you $9.99 per month.

What Is The Future Of Cloud-Based Gaming?

According to the cloud gaming market statistics, the Cloud-based gaming industry is expected to grow from USD 244 million in 2020 to $21,954 million USD by 2030 with an expected growth of 57.2% CAGR annually.


What Are The Challenges Faced By Cloud-Based Gaming Platforms?


Latency issues: Most gamers face Latency issues because there is a distance gap between the gamers and the respective servers. That impacts their gaming experience dramatically. Cloud hosting services such as pCloud have attempted to address this issue by placing their servers closer to users around the world; this completely solves latency issues. pCloud lifetime discount offers on its plans but these discounts may vary depending on the plan chosen by the user. 


Bandwidth:  Cloud-based gaming platforms require higher bandwidth for their operations. This means you have to subscribe to the internet plans that provide unlimited internet.


Cyber Attacks: Continuous Hacking attempts, Cyberattacks, etc posses challenges in front of gamers. Research reveals that Cyberattacks in the gaming industry experienced a rise of 340% in the last year.


Internet connectivity: Slow and irregular internet connectivity poses a challenge for cloud-based gaming platforms because it causes connection loss that resulted in trouble while streaming games.


Affordability: Most Cloud-based gaming services offer expensive plans that make them hard to afford. 

Final Opinion

The cloud-based gaming industry has revolutionized the way of playing video games by reducing the requirements of high-end hardware. Cloud is the present as well as the future of the gaming industry. We have discussed above the list of the best-performing cloud storage for gaming that will help you to choose the best options according to your requirements. But if we have to choose the best among all then NVIDIA GEFORCE Now and PlayStation now are on the top of the list because they offer a huge amount of games at an affordable price. 



Can I put my games in cloud storage?

Yes, you can easily put your games in the cloud by just integrating your game library with the cloud platform. NVIDIA GEFORCE Now and many others offer this feature.

Which cloud gaming is free?

Bluestack is a company that provides a Free Cloud-based gaming platform for Android and Windows users.


Can I use Cloud storage for games?

Yes, you can use Cloud storage for games as there are many companies like Sony, and Amazon that had developed the cloud for gaming.