Evidently, as long as businesses exist there will be a need for the perfect location and marketing of the products in that location. You will agree that for as long as individuals are involved in a business activity's location will be one of the most important components of the marketing mix.  Importance of marketing for the products can’t be denied as for the same you require perfect product, price, promotion and place. Today, every aspect of life is digitalized and marketing is no exception. Digital marketing is coming across as a revolutionized way for the marketers opening avenues to the global market concept. Business owners are facilitated with opportunities for businesses that allow them to sell across the world.

Technology that facilitates operations within this global market continues to offer marketers ever-increasing heights of precision for running their ad campaigns.

Notwithstanding the advancement of technology and digital innovation, sending unique messaging to individuals is a challenge as Internet privacy and the anonymity that a mouse and keyboard provides.  However, current Internet Protocol (IP) Targeting proves as a novel way to take your advertising to a whole new level of accuracy. IP Advertising stands to add specificity to digital Geo-targeting.

Currently IP Targeting is an advertising practice that delivers custom-made content to your website visitor’s mobile or desktop device based on their physical location. The Internet Protocol (“IP”) address determines the location of the device. You must be aware that every computer that is connected to the Internet has an IP address that refers to its location, whether you are at home or a place of business.

In order to achieve levels of specificity and personalization traditional forms of advertising do not work. IP targeting provides a level of specificity and personalization. Whereas the tracking which was the earliest possible with limited, targeting a region or cluster IP advertising has made it possible for advertisers to target individual homes, neighborhoods, apartment complexes based on their IP address. By associating a unique IP address to an individual, more precise information is collected and used to create and deliver a personalized advertise, just for that individual. 

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