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Sitecore Sitecore-Experience-Solution-9-Developer Exam Syllabus Topics:

Topic 1
  • Add Controller and View Renderings to an MVC solution
  • Configure the CMS to be optimized for Content Editors
Topic 2
  • Configure Sitecore placeholders to add content to a site
  • Configure Insert Options and Insert Options Rules
Topic 3
  • Track the variables through the debugger in Visual Studio
  • Install Sitecore with Sitecore Install Assistant
Topic 4
  • Receive feedback from Content Editors and incorporate into solutions
  • Build a Sitecore solution based on client needs
Topic 5
  • Build a Sitecore site using MVC Controller and View Renderings
  • Set up Visual Studio project for Sitecore development using MVC
Topic 6
  • Use various channels in the Sitecore Developer Community to get help
  • Create a Sitecore project in Visual Studio
Topic 7
  • Have experience working with configuration (config files)
  • Utilize Team Development for Sitecore
Topic 8
  • Enable marketing features for end goals of the client
  • Organize the CMS for Content Editors
Topic 9
  • Unit test individual components of code before deployment
  • Utilize Object Relational Mappers and mocking

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Sitecore Experience Solution 9 Developer Exam Sample Questions (Q137-Q142):

What is Solr

  • A. Out of process Java extension of Lucene
  • B. All
  • C. Enterprise ready
  • D. Multiserver

Answer: B

How would you enable the use of a Field Editor?

  • A. none
  • B. By adding a Field Editor Button to a toolbar
  • C. By adding a Content Editor Button to a toolbar
  • D. By adding a Frame Button to a toolbar

Answer: B

What types of Visual Studio projects does Sitecore support?

  • A. Web Forms Only
  • B. MVC only
  • C. ASP.NET Web Application, supporting MVC or Web Forms

Answer: C

How should you persist your items in source control?

  • A. By serializing them. How they get serialized will depend on the tools you have at your disposal.
  • B. By deserializing them. How they get serialized will depend on the tools you have at your disposal.

Answer: A

How can you make sure that you can undo a package installation?

  • A. A package installation cannot be undone
  • B. Create an Undo Package when you create the package
  • C. Install the Package Uninstaller module
  • D. Create an Anti-Package when you install with Sitecore Rocks

Answer: D


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