Contingent Workforce Management System is one of the best things you could have integrated with. It existed before the pandemic and has made workflows much better post-COVID. Companies that earlier had an entire permanent workforce learned to inculcate temporary workforces in their business. And permanent employees started to embrace the gig worker in themselves. 

When companies were looking out for talents that could get the job done, independent contractors upskilled themselves and moved on to a better position or a different organization. Flexibility is now the fad in industries. And with such schedules, it gets difficult to manage the workforce. That’s where a contingent workforce system comes to the rescue.


When do you get to know that you must integrate with contingent workforce management services? It is so when you… 


  • Need a Cost-Effective Solution while Onboarding Talents

Contingent workers have different requirements and expectations as compared to your permanent workforce. They are more concerned about timely payments, projects, and the timeline they must be delivered. You save plenty when you hire a temporary worker as you do not need to

  • give a big amount every week/month, 
  • pay for overtime,
  • provide paid/sick leaves,
  • include health insurance, etc.


  • Do Not Need to Provide any Commitments

There are expectations, requirements, and certain rules to abide by when you are in a contract. But you do not need to provide a commitment to the work. Your business has the freedom to scale up and down and employ anyone you want. Similarly, the remote worker can choose to work for you or simply leave your project and go elsewhere.


  • Want the Skillset and Expertise 

When you onboard a contingent worker, you are mainly hiring them for the skills, talents, and expertise in the industry. You pay them for their nice skill sets. They are available for immediate joining, require little to no training, and deliver quality results.


  • Crave the Process to Recruit Candidates to be Easy

Who doesn’t want the hiring and recruitment process to be easy? FlentisPRO VMS is a contingent workforce system that has a talent pool filled with skilled candidates from around the world. All you need to do is type in the keywords, hit the search button, and go through the best talents ranked by relatability. Then you get their details, discuss the job opportunity with them, and hire the vendor without much ado.


  • Want an Easy way Out to Track Performances

Who would sit down to manage thousands of talents, that too, the ones who are miles away? Practically, this is not even possible; unless you have an invisibility cloak like Harry Potter, and Anywhere Door from Doraemon. Reality check? Use FlentisPRO VMS. It has a performance and key performance indicator (KPI) tracker. Contingent workforce management services like these also offer to provide reports for further analysis.


  • Want an Automated Payroll and Invoice Generator

It’s possible when you use a vendor management system. After you feed in the details of your existing workforce, the VMS will track the check-ins and logouts. Furthermore, a report for vendor attendance will also be created. This leads to apt payroll creation and invoice generation for your convenience.


  • Like to Have a Calendar, Scheduler, & Reminder in One

FlentisPRO VMS can not only display a calendar with your schedule but can also schedule appointments/interviews/meetings and set reminders to notify you on time. This contingent workforce system makes it easier to view the entire day, week, or month instead of having you download multiple applications.


  • Do Not Want to Download Another App for Meetings

Are you tired of using third-party applications for your meetings, interviews, etc.? Then don’t download them anymore. Just integrate with contingent workforce management services because you would get an in-built video conferencing tool. This tool has customizable URL links that do not expire and can be reused as many times as you want.


  • Need a Private, Secure Portal to Store Tons of Data

This is essential when you have a multi-national organization to handle. The information of vendors is not the only important thing to keep safe. You also have vital contracts, details of clients, and personal documents that need to be safe. With FlentisPRO VMS, you can store an unlimited amount of information and secure them with credentials. Moreover, you can access your data from anywhere, at any time.

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