If your loved one dies without discussing their end-of-life wishes, planning Leppington funerals may be draining and trying. But with a plan in place, planning a funeral does not have to be overwhelming. We have provided a step-by-step guide to help you plan a funeral without draining yourself, financially, physically and mentally.

Locate any pre-arrangements

If there were any pre-arrangements made by your loved one such as paying for funeral services, purchasing funeral insurance to cover the costs or writing down their wishes of how they want their funeral to be – you can locate the information and use it. You can call a funeral home that the deceased used for those pre-arranged funeral arrangements. The more decisions that were made, the less stressful it will be for the family and the simpler the entire process will be.

Compile the necessary information for the obituary

You should talk to the next of kin to gather all personal details about the loved one who died. This information includes the date of death, date of birth, and information about children, the spouse and grandchildren. You may also include information about their work. You can list the locations, times and dates if your funeral services are open to the public. Family and friends will appreciate it if you mention a cause or charity for donations.

Choose the right funeral home

When choosing funeral directors and funeral homes, there are plenty of them and one of the best ways to find the best is from a referral from a loved one or a friend. Having a recommendation goes a long way to find a provider that fits your goals and needs. Once you have suggestions, call each service provider and talk about your budget and wishes.

Decide on the type of funeral

You will have several choices for the types of services you wish to hold – cremation, traditional burial, interment in a mausoleum, green burial and more. A funeral home or a funeral director will provide important information to help you make the right decision. They can explain the processes and costs.

Choose a cremation container or a casket

The funeral home you have selected can help you purchase or select a casket but you should understand you can buy elsewhere. Funeral homes are required to agree to use your casket if you bought it elsewhere. They should not charge you an additional fee for using it. Prices vary for urns or caskets depending on the design, materials and ornate finishes.

Choose a suitable location for interment

Although this can be a daunting process, a location should be chosen. Some may purchase a cemetery plot due to location while others are dedicated by the cemetery type. During this grieving time, it is helpful for input and advice from loved ones.

Know the details of the service

Different Leppington funerals have different details. Arrangements for photos and other videos, displays, post service meals should be made. Funeral music should be played at the surface. In most cases, people ask if they can help with any of this planning process.