Even though you are using a trade show rental, you can still alter it to suit your requirements. Our Exhibit Solutions provide a range of accessories, graphic design components, and booth rental elements to build ideal Custom rental exhibits.

Custom Trade Show Exhibits Can Be Cheap

Renting a custom trade show exhibit typically costs less than one-third as much as buying a comparable booth, enabling you to take advantage of the newest customizations and designs each year without having to buy a new display.

Renting a memorable custom exhibit will help you stand out at the event

Rather than asking a display kit to perform tasks for which it was not intended, custom exhibit rentals let you stand out at your industry events with a trade show display rental that is tailored specifically to your requirements.

With your cooperation, our exhibit design consultants will identify the objectives, demands, and practical requirements for your rental display stand. Include all the custom display features you need, such as storage space, private conference rooms, and double-deck exhibits with an additional floor.

If you're thinking about creating a custom rental or custom trade show display, follow our advice for creating the best custom trade show booth for your needs:

The custom trade show booth design will naturally develop from your specific show objectives, which may include marketing products, gathering leads, staging presentations, or showcasing software. To meet these requirements, we'll incorporate specialised trade show display elements like meeting spaces, workshop spaces, storage, shelving, and more.

    Flooring for displays. Our chic flooring options for hire, which include interlocking tiles, wood flooring, and raised platforms, can be used to construct your unique rental trade show display. Brand some of our rental flooring choices with the name and logo of your business.