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HP is one of the most powerful and rapidly growing fields nowadays. Everyone is trying to get the HP HP2-I44 certification to improve their futures with it. Success in the test plays an important role in the up gradation of your CV and getting a good job or working online to achieve your dreams. The students are making up their minds for the HP HP2-I44 test but they are mostly confused about where to prepare for it successfully on the first try.

The HP HP2-I44 (Selling HP Workstations 2022) certification exam is designed to test the skills and knowledge of sales professionals who want to sell HP workstations. This exam is intended for HP partners, resellers, and sales representatives who are looking to expand their knowledge of HP workstations and enhance their sales capabilities. This certification exam is an excellent way for professionals to demonstrate their expertise and commitment to their customers.

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HP Selling HP Workstations 2022 Sample Questions (Q16-Q21):

Which ZBook mobile workstation is ideal for Data Science users who need the most performance?

  • A. ZBook Studio G9
  • B. ZBookFuryG9
  • C. ZBook Power G9
  • D. ZBook Firefly G9

Answer: A

Which statements correctly describe the ZBook G9 ecosystem? (Select three.)

  • A. Zbook Fury can support Intel AlderLake CPU up to 16 (8 performance + 8 efficient) cores.
  • B. Nvidia GeForce cards are certified for 100+ ISV applications.
  • C. Both Zbook Studio and Fury support Nvidia RTX laptop GPUs,up to ASx00 (16GB)
  • D. Tile M.2 module enables you to keep track of your ZBook when misplaced.
  • E. Nvidia RTX Laptop GPUs offer enterprise-level reliability, security, and extended product availability.

Answer: A,B,C

Which statements describe the Configuration Lifecycle Notification (CLN) that HP provides to Its OEM customers? (Select two.)

  • A. 0EMs can plan for testing and recertification well in advance before E0L of existing components currently used.
  • B. CLN report shows which component lifecycle can be extended.
  • C. CLN report shows which components in the OEM customers' B0M can be globally serviceable under warranty.
  • D. HP updates the OEMs on changes to the BOM at the component and firmware level.

Answer: B,C

What are the main components of the HP Omnicept solution? (Select three.)

  • A. Debian Linux
  • B. UbuntuOS
  • C. HP Reverb G2 Omnicept edition headset
  • D. HP Omnicept SDK
  • E. Programs for ISV XR Application partners

Answer: A,B,C

What are the two main contributors to the amazing performance gam in 12 Mini G9 from 11 Mini G8? (Select two.)

  • A. Intel Alder Lake processor K series with higher clock cycle CPUs and higher number of P-Cores and E-Cores
  • B. Intel Alder Lake processors with performance cores and efficient cores
  • C. Next-generation standard (not mobile graphics) NVIDIA A2000 class GPU
  • D. Maximum memory of 64GB

Answer: B,D


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