A nail table or manicure table is an essential accessory for your client to move the space from one person to two at a time. They are durable, portable, and easy to use as they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Choose a high-quality, functional and stylish Nail Desk Extractor Fan and nail care table with nail blowers from the Ravair range. They come in a variety of styles, functional and stylish manicure tables nail stands and manicure tables nail stations so your clients can make the most of their space with just their nails. 

One portable nail fan and another station are very good. They are easy to transport and store and all stations are very comfortable, adjustable, and easy to clean. One of the most durable features of Nails Ravair's nail art table, nail table, and nail technique table makes all the most durable features of nails, nail art table, nail manicure table and nail technique table available in our online store in various colors and styles,  all with the same functionality for your customers. 

Our nail dust collector absorbs and captures the residue on the nail and the dust around it. That's when these dust collectors come in handy. So visit our website and order the best quality products from your locality online.

How Does Nail Desk Extractor Fan Work?

While using the Nail Desk Extractor fan, technicians continue to see dust accumulate on the desk and hands. These specks of dust are heavy, non-airy, and unlikely to be inhaled. It doesn't mean the machine doesn't work because it does. The Nail Desk Extractor Fan filters vapors and airborne dust, or "respirable dust". These are particles small enough to be inhaled into the lungs and can accumulate in the airspace and cause damage. 

The Nail Desk Extractor Fan is set up so that the customer is as comfortable as possible. This gives them a personal space that they don't have to share with other customers. It is also placed at a comfortable height with padded wrist rests and a comfortable seat to keep the body physically comfortable during rest and relaxation. 

To reduce visible dust, work close to the discharge plate and make sure your hands do not bubble over the client's arm as this will interfere with suction. Nail dust collectors are available in the market. Before you buy, check the sound level and whether they also filter smoke.

What is the use of our Salon Virus Extractor?


Salon Virus Extractor includes several salon smoke extraction systems designed with specific beauty care applications in mind. These technologies are helpful for nail salons, manicurists, and nail technicians in addition to hair salons. The application of artificial nails, the removal of nails, and other permanent hair and nail treatments are common nail salon procedures that release toxic chemicals into the air.

Through multi-stage filtration, Salon Virus Extractor systems protect salon staff and clients by reducing exposure to fumes, fumes, odors, dust and various other harmful chemicals generated during various nail and hair treatments using our Whole Spa and Salon Ventilations. 

Although we can catch the source of smoke with Ravair cabin virus removal systems, we can use their quality to keep the air in your entire cabin clean. Most salon owners use Salon Virus Extractor to reduce the risk of infection in high-risk areas such as waiting areas and rooms with multiple stylists and/or clients.