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I didn’t go to the hospital for 10 days despite the pain, and when I finally walked into the emergency room, nobodly believed my appendix had ruptured because they insisted I would have been dead had it actually done so. Yet a CT scan proved them all wrong, and after days of IV antibiotics I was free of the pain of peritonnial infection and left the hospital with a very attractive drainage tube coming out of my lower pelvis. Not a good look in the hottest two weeks of a NYC summer...

By the time they pulled the tube out, my appendix had already regenerated itself, no doubt a benefit of having an Rh- bloodtype, whose origin is alien to this realm. I discovered this when going through my birth records around this time, which had recently surfaced. I was initially searching if the doctor in attendance had recorded any details of my traumatic birth, but ended up discovering I had the rare Rh- bloodtype.

I decided against continuing on with the breathwork, as the practice had ultimately broken thru a significant amount of obstruction, activating enough kundalini to move my being into a position that was more in alignment with what I really was. By now, you see, I had realized the question was no longer about who I really was. The who was largely irrelevant.

At this point I also found myself with different yet greater abilities than the tantric teacher I had studied. But as I said earlier, I barely had six months to enjoy them before the party was cut short. Although I didn’t realize it at the time, my vampiric nature had also begun to awaken as a consequence of all my efforts and this dark nature simply could not be allowed free reign in this realm. So while I felt I should be out there"cleaning up” with my newfound sexual powers, other forces would not allow for this, much to my chagrin. No matter how hard I tried, every attempt I made at sexual expression on this planet was blocked as if by some invisible hand.

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