Do you know that every financial firm that has been operating today & providing its service only because they were able to get a financial license? Well, licenses are given to only those who comply with regulations, strictly adhere to legalities, and meet or extend the set standards. There are several types of financial licenses, like money transmitter license, banking licenses, etc. Here is what you need to know about financial licenses.

What are financial licenses?

Some firms conduct crucial financial activities, like transferring finances, providing loans, etc. However, to conduct these activities, those firms need legal permission or authority from the government. They get this permission & authority in the form of a financial license. With this license's help, firms can operate in the market and serve customers. However, getting a financial license is not that easy.

Who provides a financial license?

Suppose you are a bank about to operate soon. But before introducing schemes, benefits, etc., to the customers, you must get a financial license. Without a financial license, you can not do anything legally. You might be wondering where to get a financial license. Well, you can only get financial licenses from government agencies and government regulatory bodies. And these agencies & bodies working under the government will not easily provide you with the license. Firstly, you need to meet the set standards, stand strong on their expectations, go through several inspections, etc., and there are chances of getting a financial license after all these.

What are the different types of financial licenses?

Financial licenses are categorized based on different types of financial activities. For instance, if you are a bank, you will need a banking license. You will need a CPO license to operate commodity pools or investment funds. As a buyer & seller of securities, you will need a broker-dealer license. If you or your firm offers advice on securities & investments, you will need an investment advisor license. Similarly, there are some other types of financial licenses as well.

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