Finding a mover in a downtown North American city is no easy task. One of the reasons for this fact is that most moving companies are situated in the suburbs. The problem with that is that you will get charged a significant amount of traveling time charge. Up to 2 hours in some instances. Vancouver movers Another problem is the truck size, the companies located away from the downtown core areas use 5 ton trucks because their main market is constituted of houses instead of condos and apartments.

The hourly rate for a 5 ton truck and 2 men is higher than for a 1 ton truck and 2 men. Additionally, local downtown moving companies usually give you a 3 men crew for 5 tons. Although you might think that the 3rd man will make the job go quicker it actually doesn't. The only purpose of the third mover is to help with heavy items like pianos, machinery, photocopiers and so on that are usually not required in local downtown local moves.

So if you are looking for moving companies in any downtown area of any North American metropolitan areas here are a few things to consider:

  • Get a 1 ton truck and 2 men
  • Ask about the traveling time, 30 minutes should be the most you should pay if the company is located within 3 kms of your apartment or condo.

This should help you find local movers instead of paying full price for companies that handle large houses instead of small apartments. Of course this advice only counts for local movers since long distance moving companies travel time would counted in days, not hours!