APower Distribution Unit plays a vital role in making your data centre more efficient. This device can effectively distribute and control electricity to various units. The high-grade power strips, known as PDUs, are important for a properly functioning data centre. 

Choose between metered and smart PDUs 

A PDU is a socket strip used in homes and offices to connect several devices to a particular power socket. A standard PDU is best for those using single server racks in a small network through network peripherals and a server. Many data centres and server rooms have installed highly sophisticated PDUs. So, PDUs are of different types, including- 

Metered PDU- The device has an integrated meter to provide energy and power management details. You can check the Amps, Volts, and Frequency. 

Smart PDU- It is an advanced outlet socket control, and you have to connect the PDU to your local IP network.  

There is also a switched PDU to deliver network-grade power. Users can control outlets collectively or individually.   

If you think of buying PDUs, you should consider some important factors 

The type of input power  

Depending on the location and type of building, you can choose single or 3-phase power. Your electrician can tell you about the power type.  

Single-phase power- The rate of fluctuation of negative and positive voltage is 60 cycles per second. So, when the wave switches between negative and positive, there will be zero voltage. 

3-phase power- Zero voltage is removed in case of this type of power input, and it offsets 3 waves simultaneously. When one wave has touched zero voltage, others are at negative and positive points.Although many workplaces have single-phase power, it is better to check before purchasing equipment.  

The amount of power essential to your equipment 

Your backup power or local power source must be higher than the energy used by your devices. There is an automatic switching in some systems, and you can pair them with 120V to 140V. For large, complicated installations, you can use multiple PDUs. 

Outlets for the device 

How many outlets do you need for devices? Your PDU should have the right number of outlets based on the number of plugs to be connected. 

You must also check the plug type. A PDU can work with more than one device. The chosen plug type pairs well with the essential voltage and amperage. 

Place of installation 

PDU models are available in heights ranging from 1U to 2U. Horizontal mounting is more manageable with these PDU units. Some users also mount them vertically. Besides, you can place the PDU in your rack or under your shelf. The vertical units look like tall power strips. 

So, these are some factors you must not overlook to buy a PDU power distribution unit. 

The right PDU helps you manage the data centre efficiently. You can boost energy efficiency and reduce the overall costs.  Elcom International is a Mumbai-based company with a futuristic approach to manufacturing electromechanical components like PDU.