Modular houses - Discover all the foldable modular homes benefits: A-FOLD guarantees high energy performance, acoustic insulation, Italian design and durability.

A-Overlay pre-assembled houses benefits

A-crease pre-assembled houses benefits are different, as far as cost and quality, yet additionally as far as energy saving, sound protection and opposition.

Because of our licenses, to the skill obtained in 30 years of involvement and because of the soul of development, our foldable secluded homes fulfill each residing need, giving each space a special and unique Italian style.

We make sense of in dettails beneath the entirety of our the advantages of our pre-assembled houses.

Why pick a-overlay measured wooden house

Picking A-overlay measured wooden houses provides each space with the best bit of the first Italian plan and a commitment for top notch fulfills any residing need.

The uniqueness of our secluded wooden houses comes from the long practice of Italian development techniques and from the imaginative soul of the organization, which consistently picks state of the art manageable materials and advances that guarantee the prosperity of the people who occupy it together as one with the climate. Life span, acoustic protection, manageability of A-Crease building arrangements are subsequently the substantial interpretation of an organization reasoning that permits to fulfill each living need and to give each space a unique and great Italian style. Whether in enormous urban communities or provincial regions, mountains or ocean side towns, A-Overlap measured wooden houses fit entirely in any climate.

Why pick A-Overlay measured wooden houses: wraps up for all necessities

Moreover, with a full scope of pre-assembled house completes accessible, you can add an individual touch to your home, for instance by picking the materials and varieties for the windows, floors and rooftops that you like.

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