metric Weld Nut Fasteners ZONBIX: A leading Taiwanese supplier for industrial components and fasteners. 30 years of excellence since 1988. Weld nuts are meant to be used for creating a permanent hold with another metal surface. This Tab Spot Weld Nut is ideal for overcoming space constraints, with a self-locating design for easy installation. Available in various materials and finishes. You can even request to use your own sources of raw materials. To protect goods during transportation, ZONBIX spends 2X as much as our competitors on packaging. The pallets we use can safely carry up to 1200 kg. Pallet options: EURO CEP (EPAL), US ISPM 15 Pallets. Worry-free, traceable production and shipping log records available in real-time on ZONBIX website. Our goods are sold to tier-1 suppliers for leading auto brands -- BMW, Volvo, GM, etc. 100% made in Taiwan, powered by our well-curated quality manufacturing network. Our software and hardware infrastructure allows us to offer customized storage and delivery solutions. A ZONBIX representative will always be there for you -- even after the goods arrive at your warehouse. Contact us now to start your ZONBIX Experience!metric Weld Nut Fasteners website: