Landing pages play a major role in taking customers to the next step of the buying journey. A landing page examples basically offers prospects a resource like an ebook or free pdf in exchange for their basic information like name and email address. The main aim of the landing pages is to get leads and push them ahead in the customer funnel. 

great landing page helps in attracting the customers’ attention and engaging them by offering something related to the company. Here, in this blog, we will tell you how you can create the best landing pageslanding page examples, and landing page best practices. 

What is a landing page? 

A landing page is a standalone web page, specifically created for capturing the lead’s information in exchange for something valuable such as an offer code, whitepaper, or ebook. A landing page is a page where website visitors land on after clicking a CTA button for an offer. The offer can be anything from a coupon code to a free guide and the CTA can be placed anywhere on a Google advertisement to a website pop-up. 

Landing pages examples are different from other web pages as they are not available in the navigation of a website. A landing page can be effective for a business when they want to sell a new product. For example, they can create a landing page that provides people with a free demo and a coupon code for the product. This way they can get more sales of the product and increase revenue flow. 

What is a good landing page conversion rate? 

As per the stats, the average landing page conversion rate across different industries is 9.7%. The 10% landing page conversion rate is considered the benchmark for a good conversion rate. To calculate the conversion rate, you can divide the number of conversions a landing page generates by the total number of people who visited that page. 
If your conversion rate isn’t close to the average then you can apply conversion optimization strategies to boost it. The best way to start off is by creating an attractive website landing page design. Now, we will give you examples of landing pages that convert. You can use these high-converting landing page template examples to create your own landing page.

21 Great landing pages examples

In this section, we will give you good landing page examples that can help you to create an effective landing page design




Netflix is currently one of the most popular platforms whose business has amplified in the last few years. Their landing page examples are great example to take as they have been able to get so many subscriptions from it. 

Look at their landing page, it is so simple and puts focus on sign-up which just includes an email address to get started. This simple strategy has worked for Netflix to get over 192 million subscribers worldwide. 

The best thing about their landing page marketing is they have used simple lines that capture visitors’ attention. The lines that are used explain the benefits of subscribing to Netflix. According to Conversion Benchmark Report 2021, media and entertainment landing pages examples below 350 words tend to convert better. 

Their landing page website just includes a simple form with one field. Adding big forms can intimidate people and they can run away from the first step itself. Therefore, you should try to keep it simple- by just asking for an email to get started.

People often have many questions related to pricing and many other factors. Therefore, they have kept the FAQ section at the bottom of the webpage. This helps to prevent the users from going to other web pages. 




LinkedIn is a professional platform that most business owners, recruiters, and professionals use. If you look at the LinkedIn Premium landing page examples, it highlights how upgrading to premium can help people in their careers. They have kept the page simple and added some powerful stats that make an impact on how people see LinkedIn. The position of CTAs is also carefully determined so that they are easily visible. 

The simplicity of the page with statistics and a number of relevantly placed CTAs make it one of the best website landing page examples.

SEM Rush



SEM Rush is a platform that can help you with SEO, content marketing, competitor research, PPC, and social media marketing. If you look at their landing page examples, they have kept the CTA at the center of the web page which highlights it easily. They have also added social proof with well-known brands, which gives them an advantage of gaining visitors’ trust quickly. 

On the same landing page, they have given the benefits of using SEM Rush. To create high-converting landing pages examples, you must ensure that you talk about the benefits that your product or service will provide.




Amazon’s landing page is colorful and the content seems to be spread all over. However, the best thing about this web page is how they have highlighted the different features of Amazon Prime. According to the stats, the average scroll depth of visitors is only about 50%. Keeping this in mind, Amazon has smartly kept all the important content on the top of the page. 

Another best feature of the Amazon landing pages examples is that it has a click-through CTA instead of a form. According to the Conversion Benchmark Report 2021, click-through CTAs perform in SaaS and an eCommerce page.




Canva’s landing pages examples aresimple and attractive which helps to bring the attention of the visitors to the main feature of Canva. They have used many bright colors on their landing page which they have balanced out with the white space. 

The FAQ section at the end of the page helps to ensure that users’ questions and doubts are resolved without them going to the other page. It also makes the customers believe that they are open to questions.

Western Rise

landing page ideas

Western Rise is among the best product landing pages examples as they have used bold visuals to get visitors’ attention. You can see how they are stressing the benefits of using high-quality clothing. Below, they have divided the page into two major product categories, tops, and bottoms. This helps to keep the visitors’ attention on the products they’re selling. 

Next, they mentioned top-selling products along with their benefits. We like the use of bold visuals and the number of CTAs they have used on the different page elements. 




Spotify’s landing page examples use two major colors to grasp the people’s gaze. They have used color contrast to emphasize the texts and the benefits of using premium. They have created interesting CTAs that aid in keeping the users within the website.
Their landing page examples don’t contain too much text but informative content. We like how they have kept it simple with few colors, fewer texts, and interesting CTAs.

Grass Roots



Grass Roots’ landing page is one of the best landing page examples. They have used their brand colors on the entire page. As you scroll down the page, you can see they take you through the complete customer journey from problem awareness to consideration and why to make the purchase. 

The best thing about their landing page is the one-minute video they have used at the top. Next, they used an offer to entice the visitors to make their first purchase. The storytelling approach also makes it easy for people to understand the benefits of opting for Grassroots meat. They have also used social proof on the landing page to gain people’s trust. 



Roomeze’s page idea is among the best landing page design templates and landing page examples. They have kept it simple by using design illustrations that show how moving to a new room can be fun and exciting. They have used a straightforward headline that states a question. In the next line, they explained how the Roomeze can help you find affordable apartments in the best location in the city. 

We like the visual form of the page and how it has been kept in the background to avoid distracting the user. The compelling CTA they have used also aids in making the visitor interested to know what sort of apartment they can get at such a low price. 

Perfect Keto


We like Perfect Keto’s landing pages examples, as they have highlighted the Keto bars with appealing visuals. In the keto diet, people have to keep a close eye on the calories they consume. Thus, they have provided a snapshot of the calorie breakdown of the Keto bar. Along with it, they have given the nutritional benefits of consuming Keto bars.

Perfect Keto’s landing pages examples include the testimonials of diet influencers and authors. This aids in establishing the brand’s credibility. They have incorporated a section that includes the Keto bar use cases, which we also liked. 




Sendinblue is an all-inclusive email marketing platform that has good landing pages examples. What we liked about Sendinblue’s landing page is its direct approach of comparing itself with its competitor, Mailchimp. They have kept the sign-up CTA at the center of the webpage which is hard to miss. 

In the next section, they have displayed how the data migration is easy from Mailchimp to Sendinblue. The comparison tables they have used are a great way to distinguish themselves from their competitor. From this landing page, you can see how you can use your competition to your advantage.




Wondrium is an online education site that offers a wide range of courses and has the best landing pages examples. We like how colorful they have made their page which conveys how interesting it is. The colored background and the images perfectly sync together. The CTA button has been highlighted with a distinct color and a tagline. 

At the bottom of the landing page, they have added a FAQ section that matches the theme of the page. They have also added client testimonials of some of the popular celebrities. The length of the web page is also short which makes it count among the good landing page website templates




ExpressVPN landing pages examples are quite similar to its website. They have just removed the menu bar from the top of the page. The placement of the big CTA at the top of the page is a good way to catch people’s eyes. 
The illustration of a man using his laptop shows that ExpressVPN can be used anywhere. They have used very light colors throughout the landing page. We like how they have explained why you should choose ExpressVPN. Below this, they have showcased reviews, tweets, and media quotes about their brand.




Sundae is a service that helps you to sell your house faster. If you look at their landing pages examples it has a minimalistic design with few animations and less distractions. They haven’t over-exaggerated anything but kept it very clear. They have created a section that shows when you should take up the Sundae service. We like the comparison table that defines how it is better to choose Sundae than any other option.

Athabasca University



The AU’s landing pages examples puts focus on its 14 certificate programs instead of talking about all the programs. They have crafted a direct headline that targets the students who are looking for further education. They have also embedded a form with a few fields and options so the visitors’ can fill them out quickly. 

Added testimonials at the bottom of the page help to emphasize the importance of education. They have kept the landing page short so that there are no unnecessary distractions. 

Fast Mask



Fast Mask is a brand that creates and sells face masks that can be used while cycling and riding. We have taken their landing pages examples as how they have highlighted their best-selling products at the top of the page. They have displayed the different styles available which visitors can see without turning to the product page. 

The second section of this landing page shows how face masks can be used for multi-purposes. Next, they have given the reasons for which one should use a fast mask. At the end of the page, they have provided info about their company which helps to develop people’s trust. 

We liked the overall color combination of the landing page and the content which is entirely focused on the users. 

blow LTD.



blow LTD. is a UK brand that offers professional beauty services at affordable prices and has good landing pages examples. Blow LTD. landing pages are a huge part of their marketing strategy as it brings them customers. We like how they smartly used strong visuals with value statements. Their headline highlights their feature of beauty services at home. 
Beauty services are often associated with risks that’s why they have kept the client testimonials at the top. Next, they have given the simple steps that tell how the blow LTD. works. They have used many CTAs throughout the page to get customers’ responses.

Branch Furniture



Branch Furniture has one of the best landing page examples. They have used a robust headline that highlights their unique selling proposition (USP). They have used multiple CTAs throughout the page with different texts. This way even if the visitor clicks on any of the CTAs, they’ll be directed to the same page. 
The different visuals shown on the landing page represent the use cases of the furniture. They have given social proof by adding reviews of different brands. The FAQ section at the bottom of the page adds more detailing to the page.




Calm is a meditation app that helps users to sleep better. We have taken their landing pages examples as it is short and sweet. They have used the night theme throughout the page to emphasize the fact it helps in a good night’s sleep. 

The line they have given before the CTA clearly defines Calm helps in better sleep, lowers stress, and less anxiety. In the next section, they have shown what a user gets from the Calm app. The soothing colors and photographs used give a calm and serene look to the landing page.




The CarMax landing pages examples are good as they are simple and give space to users to do their own research. It has a search bar that lets visitors search for the car they want. This page also features a calculator that allows people to estimate their monthly budget. 

form is also included for the users who wish to sell their cars. The landing page infers how effortlessly people can buy and sell their cars. Another half of the page displays photographs of happy clients. 




Mailchimp’s landing pages examples are great as they are eye-catchy with a vibrant color tone. They have used a big headline and a CTA is placed under it. They have used many CTAs on the landing page which are impossible to ignore. 
The sections like why Mailchimp and grow with Mailchimp are good ways to show customers how their brand can help them. They also have added the names of the few brands that use Mailchimp. The all-inclusive nature of the page makes it one of the types of best landing pages templates.

The best landing page tips that you can use 

We have given here the best landing pages examples that captures the visitors’ attention and compels them to take action. By using the tips given below you can create website landing page that brings maximum leads. 

Tip 1: Be minimalistic with your design

When it comes to designing your landing page, don’t go overboard. The design-heavy pages often distract the users from the main agenda of the page i.e.why they are there. Make sure that you provide all the necessary information on the landing page. Try to use short points instead of using long paragraphs.

Usually, visitors have a short attention span so you should avoid putting anything that takes too much time. You can add descriptions down the landing page. If you don’t want to overwhelm your visitors with content then you can consider adding videos as well. 

Tip 2: Present a strong offer 

The best landing page examples have a strong offer that is hard to resist. To make maximum prospects convert, you should offer something of value. Try to promote the offer in the headline, sub-headings, and CTAs. As per the statistics, the landing page has about 8 seconds to convince users to pursue the offer. Ensure you are clear and concise with your offer so that the visitors don’t get confused. 

Tip 3: Use forms with fewer attributes 

Most marketers want to collect as much customer data as they can. However, it’s not a good idea to embed big forms in your landing pages as you can understand from the landing pages examples above. As people don’t like to fill out forms with too many attributes. You should try to create forms with fewer fields to get more conversions. 

Tip 4: Match your landing pages with PPC ads 

For creating effective landing pages ensure that the words and themes match your PPC ads. By showing consistency, you can assure your visitors that they’re on the right path. Also, try to be direct with your content to avoid confusing your prospective customers. 

Tip 5: Personalize your landing pages for different audiences 

Personalization of the landing pages is the best way to ensure maximum conversions. You can segment your target audience and create landing pages focused on their needs, wants, and expectations. 

Landing Page Examples: The Conclusion 

Landing pages can help you to improve the inflow of leads and conversions as you must have understood from the landing pages examples. It doesn’t matter if you are creating a landing page from scratch or a template but ensure using the best practices. Above, we have given 21 landing page examples that can give you the best landing page ideas. 

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Landing pages examples FAQs

What should a landing page include?

A landing page contains an offer that helps to convert website visitors into leads. A landing page should include the following:

– A headline 
– A brief description 
– Social proof (testimonials or reviews)
– CTA buttons 

How can I build a landing page for free?

A landing page has a conversion rate of about 5-15% on average. You can create landing page free by utilizing free landing page builder tools like the ones given below. 

– Mailchimp 
– Canva
– Typeform 
– Strikingly

Is a landing page the same as a website?

A landing page is different from a website. A website provides information about the business whereas a landing page showcases a single offer. A website has multiple purposes whereas a landing page has the purpose of converting visitors into leads.

How do I create a landing page for my website?

A landing page is a standalone web page that is built with the aim of capturing the visitors’ information. You can create a landing page by following the steps given below.

– Choose a landing page template. 
– Give a name to your landing page.
– Add good content and high-quality images.
– Select a relevant domain name.
– Ensure your links and CTAs are working. 
– Add SEO title and meta description. 
– Publish your landing page.

What is best practice for landing page?

An effective landing page can help you to bring more customers to your business. We have mentioned below the landing page best practices that you must adopt. 

– Craft an enticing headline. 
– Add compelling content. 
– Include striking images.
– Present a strong offer.

What are the 5 essential elements of the landing page?

Creating a high-converting landing page requires you to think from your customer’s perspective. We have given below the list of the essential elements that you must include in your landing page.

– A headline and a sub-headline.
– A unique selling proposition 
– Relevant images and videos 
– Social proof 
– CTA buttons