China Backing Rings Backing rings Material: Ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel Coatings: Antirust paint, epoxy paint, hot dipped galvanized, fusion bounded epoxy resin, Dacromet coating Flange drilling: ANSI 150# / DIN/EN PN10 Pressure: SDR7, SDR11 Size: 1" to 48" Nodular cast iron ring with blue epoxy paint: In view of the problem of the precipitation of alkaline substances in the lining of ordinary cement mortar, strong penetrating epoxy paint, epoxy ceramic coating and water-based epoxy coating were selected as the cover layer materials, and the spraying process test was carried out on the cement mortar lining, and the adhesion of the cover layer was tested. , Hydraulic cycle test and sealing performance test, in order to determine the best process and coating system for the cement mortar lining cover coating of ductile iron pipe. Due to its many advantages such as good toughness, corrosion resistance and long service life, ductile iron pipes are widely used in water supply, drainage, industrial water and farmland irrigation. Special organic paint raw materials, easy to use, with strong adhesion, not easy to fade, flame resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., no special equipment is required during transportation; Replace the inner liner and chassis every year for disassembly and repair, which can make the equipment durable, increase the life span, extend the repair cycle, and minimize downtime.China Backing Rings website: