Kenworth Heater Box Assembly – HVAC Box Includes All Parts

The Kenworth Heater Box Assembly is a complete HVAC system that fits most Kenworth trucks. It consists of a heater core, a blower motor, a fan, a resistor, a thermostat, a control panel, and a housing. The heater box assembly is designed to provide optimal heating and cooling performance for the driver and the passengers. The heater core transfers heat from the engine coolant to the air, while the blower motor and the fan circulate the air through the vents. The resistor regulates the fan speed, and the thermostat controls the temperature. The control panel allows the user to adjust the settings according to their preferences. The housing protects the components from dust, debris, and moisture. The Kenworth Heater Box Assembly is easy to install and maintain, and it comes with a warranty and a manual.

If you are looking for a reliable and durable heater box assembly for your Kenworth truck, you might want to consider the HVAC Box Includes All Parts. This product is designed to fit most Kenworth models and provide optimal heating and cooling performance. In this blog post, we will review some of the features and benefits of this heater box assembly, as well as how to install it in your truck.

The HVAC Box Includes All Parts is a complete heater box assembly that comes with everything you need to replace your old or damaged unit. It includes the heater core, the evaporator core, the blower motor, the blower wheel, the resistor, the wiring harness, the seals, and the mounting hardware. The heater box assembly is made of high-quality materials that can withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations. The heater core and the evaporator core are made of aluminum for efficient heat transfer and corrosion resistance. The blower motor and the blower wheel are designed to deliver powerful airflow and low noise. The resistor and the wiring harness are protected by a plastic cover to prevent short circuits and electrical hazards. The seals and the mounting hardware are made of rubber and metal for a secure and leak-proof installation.

The HVAC Box Includes All Parts is easy to install in your Kenworth truck. You just need to follow these simple steps:

- Disconnect the battery cables from the battery.

- Remove the dashboard panel and the glove box from the passenger side of the truck.

- Disconnect the heater hoses and the air conditioning hoses from the heater box assembly.

- Remove the screws and bolts that secure the heater box assembly to the firewall.

- Carefully pull out the heater box assembly from the truck.

- Install the new heater box assembly in reverse order of removal.

- Reconnect the battery cables to the battery.

The HVAC Box Includes All Parts is a great option for anyone who wants to upgrade or repair their Kenworth truck's heating and cooling system. It offers superior performance, durability, and convenience at an affordable price. You can order this product online or visit your nearest Kenworth dealer for more information. Don't let a faulty heater box assembly ruin your driving comfort and safety. Get the HVAC Box Includes All Parts today and enjoy a cozy and pleasant ride in your Kenworth truck.