Experience the latest in roller shutter technology with Sydney Wide Shutters' Battery Operated Roller Shutters in Australia. These visually appealing shutters are operated with a battery, making them a smarter and safer alternative in case of power outages. Our T-series motors are highly reliable and operate smoothly and quietly, while the E-3Way switch allows for convenient and cost-saving operation of multiple shutters. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is protected from noise, intruders, and unwanted situations with our high-quality Battery Operated Shutters.

Secure Your Home or Office with Customisable Security Shutters

Protect your home or office with the top-grade security shutters from Sydney Wide Shutters. Our roller shutters provide an additional level of safety and security while also offering insulation from sound, heat, and wind. Choose from our variety of metal or PVC shutters, available in different sizes and colours. Looking for convenience? Our battery or electricity-powered shutters come with remote controls. We provide free quotes for our highly customisable shutters.

Protect your privacy and keep the sunlight out at any time of the day with Sydney Wide Shutters’ Australian-made blackout shutters in Sydney. Our high-quality materials and expert installation guarantee a perfect fit and optimum security for your residential or commercial property. Enjoy uninterrupted sleep and energy efficiency by reducing noise infiltration and extreme weather conditions. Choose from a range of colours and profiles to match any interior design.