A septic tank is a container installed in homes for waste removal. These tanks are generally installed in homes in cities that do not have a proper sewer system in place. They work to remove waste from homes using drain channels and pipes. This helps many homes to remove waste water. Once installed, these tanks are easy to maintain. Most of the septic tanks are built using concrete while some are also made of fiberglass.

How do they work?

A water-tight septic tank works by collecting all the waste water drained from a house. The waste water is then segregated into 3 layers: Effluent, sludge, and scum. Before you plan to take up septic tank pumping services in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, let us look at each one of these in detail:

Scum – the top most layer of waste that contains oils and fats. This layer is a result of cooking residue, cleaning agents such as detergents, soaps, and shampoos. These fats and oils stay afloat at the topmost layer of the waste water.

Effluent – the middle layer contains leftover water waste after scum is extracted and other remains sunk into the bottom. Effluent is pumped and dispersed into soil.

Sludge – this the bottommost waste layer in the tank. It contains all the sunken solid waste left after the extraction of scum and dispersal of effluent. It also carries byproducts of all kinds of waste decomposed in the tank.

To learn more about the process, get in touch with a professional.