Wigs can provide varied styles to a real sex doll torso, but attaching it properly can be a difficult endeavor. Here, we will provide you with an easy-to-follow guide on how to securely install a wig onto a sex doll torso. We have discussed the benefits and drawbacks of wigs and hair implantation prior and understand their widespread use with dolls.

1. Preparing and Checking

Once the wig's packaging is opened, carefully take it out. Prior to wearing, carefully inspect the product for any tangles or knots. Gently position the hair of the wig to avoid any issues while wearing.

2. Adjusting the Stretch Bands

Ensure the adjustable stretch bands within the wig's inner framework are set to the middle setting. This will enable slight alterations to either side for a balanced fit.

3. Correctly Aligning the Front and Securing the Back

Secure the wig close to the life size sex doll's forehead in a position that works best for you. Use one hand to maintain the frontal section, then slowly fit the back end onto the back of the head. Stabilizing the front section will ensure an easier wearing experience.

CLM 870# Climax Sex Doll Torso Sola

4. Arranging the Wig Net

Once the wig is securely fixed, inspect the wig net from both sides to ensure it is snugly attached to the BBW sex doll's head with no bumps or dips. Tweak the wig net as needed, but take care not to tug too hard and cause harm. If the results are still not satisfactory, take the wig off and repeat the process.

5. Checking the Adjustment Straps

Carefully examine the stretch bands to make sure they are not too slack or leave openings. If they are too loose and causing the wig to come off easily, remove the wig, adjust the stretch bands, and then repeat the steps to ensure the bands fit close to the doll's head to guarantee a snug fit.

6. Grooming and Perfectioning

Once you have attached the wig and adjusted it for a snug fit, use delicate strokes to brush the wig's hair gently, resulting in smoother strands for a more authentic look.

By following these easy steps, you can craft stylish wigs for dolls, adding to their visual attractiveness. Minor adjustments can have a major impact, giving your dolls a wide range of looks. Whether for everyday play or special events, these brief instructions will assist you in creating fabulous hairdos for your dolls every time.