We believe there's no such thing as too much highlighter. Blinding strobes are used everywhere—from lips to eyes to body. When used carefully, a highlighter, available at a decent highlighter price, may change your face and boost your radiance.  

Summer will sparkle with our professional highlighter makeup tips: 

Tip 1: Layer Highlighter Tone and Texture 

The three main highlighter textures—cream, powder, and liquid—have different finishes. Powders seem more dramatic than cream and liquid highlighters, which look more natural. Use a cream or liquid product first, then a fan brush to apply highlighter powder for truly poppin' beams. This method converts 144p strobes to 4K super HD. Choose a highlighter that is two shades lighter than your foundation. Pink highlighters are gorgeous for pale complexion, while golden and bronzy ones are goddess-like for olive and darker skin tones. 

Tip 2: Add Highlighter to Foundation 

Blending your foundation with a liquid highlight and contour palette or cream can give your skin a bright glow. Mix a few drops of liquid or cream highlighter on the back of your hand with foundation. Apply foundation as normal after mixing.  

Tip 3: Make Your Eyes Pop with Highlighter 

Apply bright highlighter powder to the inner corners to quickly brighten your eyes. Highlight the middle of the lids also! Finish with a highlighter beneath your brow tail for a lift. 

Tip 4: DIY Highlighting Setting Powder 

Why set your makeup with a standard powder when you can design your own for a super glow? A little shimmer powder mixed with a loose setting powder creates the ideal glow-giving setting powder. Mix the powders in the lid, then dust the product on your face with a big fluffy brush to set your foundation. This shimmer is potent, so use it sparingly! 

Tip 5: Mix Highlighter and Setting Spray 

Our favorite makeup trick combines a highlighter contour palette with setting spray. The end result? A gorgeous glow that lasts all day on your skin. First, wet your sponge with setting spray, then dip it in cream or liquid highlighter. Next, apply the blender to your cheekbones and high points. Next, use the remaining makeup sponge to apply it to your nose bridge, brow bone, and Cupid's bow. Then, gently press the sponge into your skin to establish the look. 

Tip 6:Apply Highlighter on Your Cupid's Bow 

Subtly lifting the area around your Cupid's bow, which is the upper center of your lips, with a little shimmer will make your lips seem bigger. We like applying a champagne-toned highlighter with a little brush or our fingertips. Apply some highlighter to the middle of your lower lip for a juicier pout. 

Tip 7:apply Highlighter To The Whole Body. 

We didn't exaggerate when we claimed we don't limit ourselves! We often sprinkle our shoulders and décolletage with powder highlighter and contour palette to get a sun-kissed glow for daily use. But we prefer to blend a little bit of liquid highlighter with our usual body lotion to make a highlighter body cream for total glitz. It gives skin a gorgeous, sun-kissed tone while blurring blemishes with an incredible shine. 


These are some of the top highlighter hacks that can certainly take your makeup game to the next level.  


The blog offers seven ways to use a highlighter to change your face, including layering textures, adding to the foundation, and applying to eyes, lips, and body. 

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