Like everything else in the house, curtains and Roman blinds can get dirty and dusty. This is why it is important to maintain them well and clean them regularly. If you want to wash them, of course, you want to avoid damaging them. That's why we've presented you with a simple, step-by-step plan so that you can enjoy clean and beautiful curtains and blinds for years to come! Curtain Cleaning in Sydney.


Keep your interior blinds clean (for fabric blinds)

Roman curtains and blinds are made from the same fabric. On our website, you will see that almost all of the fabrics we use for our curtains are also suitable for pleated blinds. The biggest difference is of course how they look and how the fabric is attached. As the fabric is identical, so is the maintenance of the fabric.


Maintenance of curtains and Roman blinds

Thorough washing of curtains and pleated blinds can be time-consuming, but with regular attention to the maintenance of your curtains and pleated blinds, washing will not be necessary. For example, you can dust the curtains with a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush tip or wipe them with a duster to remove any visible dust. However, we recommend that you thoroughly clean curtains and pleated blinds at least twice a year by washing them.


Washing instructions

All curtains and Roman blinds come with washing instructions. On it, you will find the same advice as what we have described on this page. Tolerance to shrinkage is also described here. Cotton or polyester curtains can shrink up to 4% after washing. So if you have curtains that come down perfectly to the floor, they might be a bit shorter after washing. Remember to take this into account.


Dry cleaning

For some curtains, machine washing is not recommended: linen curtains, for example. These can be deformed and therefore be less beautiful. If you want to wash them, so it is better to have them dry cleaned. Also, they are often accompanied by an A, F, or P label, known to the launderer. So you don't have to worry!


Have a professional clean

For some curtains and Roman blinds, it is simply not practical to wash them yourself. For example, they can warp and come out of the wash messed up. If you want to have them professionally cleaned, it is best to do it in a dry cleaner. Oftentimes these fabrics are marked with an A, F, or P on the label, the professionals know what to do, so you don't have to worry!


Step 2: Washing instruction

It is important to handle your curtains and Roman blinds with care. It would be a shame if they got damaged or, even worse, you had to throw them away after washing them. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the following points:


Consult the washing instructions

Each curtain and Roman shade comes with washing instructions. By respecting them, your curtains will stay beautiful for longer. If the label is no longer attached to the fabric, please contact our customer service team who will inform you of the steps to follow.


Protect your Roman blinds and curtains

Put your curtains or roman blinds in a pillowcase or duvet cover. This will allow you to wash your curtains without damaging them.


One by one

If your curtains are heavy and long, or if you have a small washing machine, wash them one by one for the best results.


Granny's trick

Do you have white curtains and are they a little yellow? So wash those curtains by placing bleach in the washing machine.


Step 3: Wash your Roman blinds and curtains

If you know what temperature and what washing program are suitable for washing your curtains, then the washing process can begin. Start by removing all the hooks from the curtain.


Washing program

When choosing the washing program, there are several things you should pay attention to:



This is stated on the washing instructions. Often this is 30 degrees.


Low centrifugation

Choose a rotation mode of 500 RPM or less to avoid damage


Detergent and softener

Use relatively little detergent and preferably fine detergent. Do not use fabric softener.


Step 4: Drying

After washing curtains and Roman blinds, they must dry well. The best way to do this is to shake them lightly (carefully!) And hang them up. By opening windows and doors, they dry faster. A hot day with good weather can make all the difference!


Iron curtains and Roman blinds

Hanging up the curtains immediately will make them wrinkle less quickly, so ironing is not necessary. Are your curtains still wrinkled after washing? You can then choose to iron them. Place your curtain or Roman shade between two tea towels, so that the iron does not directly touch the fabric of the curtain so as not to damage it. Also, take care that the material (often synthetic) does not get too hot from the iron.


You can also choose to hang the curtains on a clothesline. The downside is that the curtain may wrinkle. Warning: If you choose to let them dry outside, be careful that they are not hung in direct sunlight. There is a good chance that the curtains will fade and no longer look so beautiful. Sofa and Carpet Cleaning Services in Sydney.