An individual person who starts the business wants to select what kind of business he wants to start and what are all the problems that should be faced and the merits and demerits of business in Bangalore.

Why in Bangalore 

Because Bangalore is one of the fastest developing city in India many start-up companies are coming to Bangalore And there are top company registration consultancy in Bangalore

There are types of business in Company registration in Bangalore

  1. Private ltd: the word private limited must and should be added to the end of its name for example (consultry private ltd company)is called Private limited company.
  2. Limited liability partnership (LLP): Limited Liability Partnership is a partnership in which some or all partners have limited liabilities in the business. 
  3. one person company: It is a person who starts the business without any partners in the business is called One person company(OPC)
  4. Sole proprietorship: It is suitable for a single entrepreneur who wants to start a business is called sole proprietorship.


  1. two or more persons think to starts the business together is called a partnership.


TRADEMARK REGISTRATION for Company: It is the main thing in Business, Company as to register with their name (tagline, symbol, logo or combination of company’s product and services providing by the company) 

There are types of trademark (word mark, device mark, color mark, shapes of goods, etc)

Trademark is the most important thing while starting a business because to possess ownership of the mark and to protect from some misuse by another person /business entity. If he was not registered not to be entitled to initiate any legal proceedings against any damages or recover in business

 Under trademark registration process of goods and services are classified into 45class these class are to identify the goods and service is belong to which class for trademark registration filing fee is dependent upon the which category of applicant.

Company Registration Services in Bangalore

Basic requirements for company registration in Bangalore

  1. Shareholders (minimum 2shareholders and shareholders and directors can be same)
  2. Directors (Minimum 2 Directors and at least 1 should be resident of Indian)
  3. Digital Signature
  4. Company name
  5. Share capital
  6. Registered office Address of the company

Documents required for company registration in Bangalore

To get company registration in Bangalore, you need to provide the below documents 

  • PAN(Permanent Account number)
  • Aadhaar Card/Driving license
  • Address proof
  • Documents to be signed by all the Shareholders
  • Documents to singed by all the Directors
  • Registered Office address


How to get company registration in Bangalore

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