What do you mean by MSME?

MSME means Micro, small and medium enterprises and any enterprise that comes under this type of categories, MSME enterprises are the backbone of any economy and for economic growth.

What kind of Organization is eligible for MSME registration in Bangalore?

MICRO Enterprises: These are the smallest business/organization. In these enterprises they have the investment of less than 25lakh in business is known as Micro enterprises

Small Enterprises: In this business the investment b/w Rs.25lakh to Rs 5.crore invested on business(plant and machinery) this kind of business is called Small enterprises

Medium Enterprises: In medium manufacturing enterprises investment b/w Rs.5crore to Rs. 10 core invested in plant and machinery. This kind of business is known as Medium enterprises

For manufacturing business/entities, Land and building cannot be counted toward the total investment .Also the original cost of the equipment and plant and machinery is taken in the account Depreciation cannot be factored in. Any business entity /organization may apply, be it a partnership  or a company, sole proprietorship also apply

Documents Required for MSME Registration in Bangalore

  • PAN and GSTIN of the Company or individual
  • Aadhaar card of the person who want to start
  • Total capital investment of the company/business
  • Date of Incorporation of Company it is required
  • Registered office address of the company(should be register the office name in register office)
  • Bank details
  • Nature of business
  • Number of employees in the business

What are all the role of MSME in India’s growth

There are many benefits you get in Register for MSME Certificate in Bangalore  and they are

  • To build an inclusive, sustainable and equitable livelihoods of the society in innumerable ways
  • In MSME contributes more on socio-economic development of the country
  • To provide large scale of employment opportunities in our country to reduce unemployment
  • In this it give opportunities for both self employment and as well as wage employment
  • To ensure competitive innovation in the business
  • To create flexible environment
  • To enhance the regional structure and its development


What all benefits can I get by registering in MSME?

a)First thing you get banks loans at lower rate of interest for example you can get it at low as 1or 1.5 percentage

  1. b) And you can get a number of tax rebates as well
  2. c) You can get an credit facilities
  3. d) You can also get better preference when it comes for can certificates and license issued by the government.

How to apply for  MSME Registration in Bangalore

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