If touching your beard feels like running your hand on sandpaper, then you are in the right place. It takes a few steps to soften your beard. A rough beard is usually the cause of improper maintenance, but other factors lead to a shaggy beard. If you want to know how to make your beard soft, we have got you covered.

Causes of Rough Beard

Before we move onto the tips on how to make beard soft, lets first know the causes of rough stubble.

Improper Cleaning

Your beard is just as important as the hair on your head. Unlike the head hair, your beard comes in contact with more grime and food particles. It is also more prone to touching. Unless you keep washing your hands often, the dirt from the keyboard and wallet may end up in your beard. It is also the most exposed part of your body. It is one of the first body parts to come in contact with rain and dust waves. Your beard cannot fight the debris and dust it comes in contact with; thus, an unhealthy beard means a rough beard.

Lack of Moisture

A dry beard cannot be soft, which is because it lacks moisture. When the beard is dry, it is more prone to breakage. Your skin makes natural oils, but when you wash the beard, it strips away the oils. If you fail to substitute the oils, then it will lose moisture and become dry. The best way to freshen the beard is by using a beard oil after washing.

Weather Conditions

Men who live in a cold climate have a dry beard. Low temperatures can ruin the quality of the beard by making it brittle and dry. Also, sun and winds can make your beard dry. Keeping your beard moisturized is the key to soften it.


Many people use dryness and dehydration interchangeably. Whereas external factors cause dryness, and dehydration is caused by internal body conditions. Dehydration is under your control. Keeping yourself hydrated can help you have a softer beard.

Hard Water

Hard water contains a lot of minerals, which are not suitable for your hair. Washing your beard with hard water makes it rough and tangled. Also, this water makes it tougher to rinse out beard shampoo and oil thoroughly, making the beard rougher.

How to Make Beard Soft?

Let’s jump onto the main aspect of the article – how to make beard soft in easy steps mentioned below:

Wash Your Beard Properly

Ensure to wash your beard three to five times a week. Your beard hair needs more washing than your regular hair. This is because your beard picks up more debris from liquids and food that you eat, which can lead to a rough beard. Thus, it is a wise idea to wash your beard at least thrice a week to remove the food particles and grime.

Use a Mild Shampoo

It is alright to use the same shampoo that you use on your hair for your beards if you do not wish to buy a beard shampoo. Remember that milder the shampoo, the better it is. Ensure not to wash the beard with harsh soaps. Make sure to:

  • Find a mild shampoo appropriate for sensitive skin. If you prefer, you can buy shampoos specifically for beard hair.
  • Massage shampoo into the roots rather than just washing the beard surface. Slide your fingers in and out while massaging.

Try a Shampoo + Conditioner Combo.

For extra softness, you can use a shampoo plus conditioner combo. If you do wish to use a combo, you can even use a conditioner separately post shampoo massage. Ensure both the products are mild and do not irritate your skin.

Comb Your Beard

After a beard wash, ensure to dry the beard by patting it with a towel and then detangling it with a beard comb. Combing the beard also helps you shape them. Using a boar bristle brush improves blood circulation to the follicles and evenly distributes the beard oil.

Trim Your Beard Regularly

Trim your beard once a month to reduce split ends, which makes hair rough. In case you have a dense beard, you might require trimming it more regularly than just once a month.

Begin with a Dry Beard

Before trimming the beard, ensure it is clean and dry. Make sure not to trim a wet beard, rather after cleaning the beard, let it dry out and then trim it.

Trim It with Scissors

Scissor is a better option to trim your beard when compared to clippers. If you wish only to round the edges, then use a scissor. You can even use beard trimmers, especially when you want to trim the beard completely.

Use a Beard Oil

You can purchase oil mixes for your beard or a straight oil like coconut oil or jojoba oil. However, mixing oils will provide you maximum benefits.

Clean Your Beard with Warm Water

Every day in the morning, clean your beard with warm water. Use sufficient water to clean it. This is because warm water will help open the pores and clean from within.

Use a Beard Balm

If you wish to style your beard, then using a beard balm is essential. They contain the same oils as the beard oils but have one more crucial ingredient – beeswax. Beeswax moisturizes the beard and also give you the desired shape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why My Beard Is So Hard?

There are multiple reasons that can cause dry and rough beards, which are mentioned below.

  • Improper caring
  • Cold climate
  • Strong winds
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of moisture
  • Using too many products
  • Hard water

How Can I Soften My Beard?

There are many ways to soften the beard; let’s take a look at the most important ones.

  • Wash your beard daily
  • Trim with scissors
  • Wash with mild shampoo and conditioner thrice a week
  • Comb your beard
  • Use beard oil

Is Coconut Oil Good for Your Beard?

Coconut oil helps in several ways and helps improve overall beard health. A healthy beard means no irritation while the follicles grow and no wild hair. It helps keep the beard moisten and makes it softer. Coconut oil also helps you get rid of beardruff and fights fungus as well as bacteria.

When Should I Use Beard Oil?

Apply beard oil twice a day. Once during the day after a warm shower and once at night before going off to bed. Ensure to clean your beard well before applying the oil. Beard is as important as your hair on the head. We hope to have helped you guide well on how to make beard soft because a healthy beard makes a huge difference.