Today, the design and process innovation speed of ceramic tiles are changing with each passing day. The visual effect of the design breaks through the rigid 2D visual effect, ranging from archaize glazed tiles, wood grain tiles, metal glazed tiles, sheepskin tiles, dikes slate, marble tiles, full glaze, K-gold tiles, super flat glaze, microcrystalline stone tiles, and the process from wire mesh tiles, roller tiles to the most advanced laser printed tiles. Recently, we have also ingeniously integrated 3D painting technology, art and ceramic tile production technology to innovate 3D art ceramic tiles, which has opened the precedent for the naked 3D perspective effect of ceramic tile industry.


3D tiles can "move" the original natural landscape to the home. If you like the sea, you can lay the floor tiles simulating the underwater world on the floor of the toilet. Every day you wash and wash, you will feel like you are at the bottom of the sea and playing with fish. If you climb mountains and Wade, you can lay the floor tiles with waterfall pattern. Even if you don't leave home, you can hear the gurgling sound of mountains and streams, making nature closer.


3D stereogram is to make people directly see a 3D stereogram in a plane by using the visual difference between people's eyes and the principle of optical refraction. The objects in the painting can not only protrude out of the picture, but also be hidden in the 3D tiles.


People's eyes are about 6-7cm apart from each other. When they look at objects, they see two slightly different images from different angles. The brain will change the focus of their eyes to overlap the two images, which can show 3D effects. These two images with parallax are combined to form a three-dimensional feeling. However, the plane picture we usually see is an image with the same angle, Therefore, vision and brain can’t extract the real sense of three-dimensional space on the screen, and can’t reflect its three-dimensional relationship. There are essential differences between stereoscopic image and plane image. Plane image reflects the two-dimensional relationship between the up and down, left and right of the object. The plane image that people see also has stereoscopic sense. This is mainly reflected by light and shadow, virtual reality and contrast between light and shade. The real three-dimensional painting is based on the principle of simulating the human eye to see the world. It is made by optical refraction, which can make the eye feel the three-dimensional relationship between the up and down, left and right, front and back of the object. 3D floor tiles are three-dimensional paintings in the true visual sense.


At present, people use advanced digital synthesis technology to make three-dimensional images, 3D floor tiles only need to choose clear photos or negatives to scan into the computer, directly use professional mapping software in the computer for drawing and digital processing, print out with high-precision color jet printer, and then mount with cold mounting machine.