In the fifth stage of World of Warcraft, on some servers, factional imbalance also caused a series of troubles for the opening of Ahn'Qiraj's door. As an important milestone in the game, it requires the joint efforts of the Alliance and the Horde.

Players now need to collect the items needed for the war, they need to collect a lot of materials first. This is not a problem on a server with the same number of Alliance and Horde players. There is no problem even on servers that are 80% to 20% unbalanced. But there are still some extreme imbalances.

We will have some options in these situations. There are now some features in Classic, which are no longer available in the retail version of this game. There are some materials there for posting what someone in a certain faction needs for the war effort, and another faction is buying this material. So players can create a new character for themselves on the opposing faction in coordination with each other, even if they are not in the PvP field.

Certain areas have been affected by factional imbalances. For those long-term players of Classic, they know the conditions needed to open the gate of Ahn’Qiraj. These components have been stored for several months. For solving the more difficult problems, there is also an interesting solution here. The reality of Blizzard's attempt to "reproduce" the original experience has also been further explained.

At the last minute, Blizzard was fascinated by the components needed to change the war. There is no need to inform the WOW Classic Gold For Sale players in advance. But they will go against the philosophy of "no change", but his reshaping of the true feeling 15 years ago is very powerful.

A few players will in some cases be surprised by the consequences of the server scrolling characters that dominate the character. Players will get a lot of tasks to Buy WOW Classic Gold complete in this game, so they will need a lot of time. If they need a very time-saving method, then I would recommend a website called MMOWTS for them, where there will be a lot of cheap Classic WOW Gold that can help them.