The all-new BMW i4 will shortly be ready to take on this committed role when it launches later this year. The first fully-electric Gran Coupé offers equitable comfort and outstanding driving dynamics.

At the same time as the preparations for starting up the production of the BMW i4 at the factory in Munich, comprehensive testing and calibration is performed, which must ensure perfect control in any situation, optimal traction on all surfaces and in all types of weather conditions and perfectly balanced driving comfort.

The latest battery technology enables a range of up to 600 km (WLTP), making it ideal for longer trips. The impressive acceleration from 0-100 km / h is achieved in just four seconds utilising the up to 530 horsepower. With the help of ARB technology, wheel spin and friction are decreased, which ensures greater power and effective steering. So it is not long before the BMW i4 gets its final approval stamp to be put into production in Munich.