Locked out of iPhone when you forgot iPhone password, iPhone was disabled after entering the wrong password for several times. EelPhone DelPassCode make it easier to unlock iPhone without password, without iPhone screen lock password, get into locked iPhone should the help of the professional tool. The tool helps to bypass screen lock without knowing the password.

All screen lock type is to protect iPhone from being unlocked without permission. But if you forgot iPhone password/pin/pattern, what to do when you were locked out of iPhone?

Easiest way-EelPhone DelPassCode

Without any information in hand: the iPhone linked phone number, the iPhone linked email, the linked Apple ID and password, all information is over your mind, the professional free tips are too difficult to follow, EelPhone DelPassCode provides the easiest method to get into locked iPhone without password-because the whole process is totally automatically, what you should do is keep connecting to the computer and several clicks.

Download the iPhone screen lock removal to computer according to your computer version, Mac or Windows, two are available. Not only the screen unlock feature on the main interface of the removal, there is another feature on the removal, but what we need is only Remove Screen Lock, click on it to start the process.


The warning on the next page is the highlight, if it doesn’t matter of the data loss after the unlocking process, click on Start button to switch to the next page.

Normally, the locked iPhone will be linked to the tool automatically, just keep connection to let the removal scan out your iPhone automatically.

Check the iOS version appeared on the removal, exact iOS version of your locked iPhone is important, the removal will download the exact iPSW, the tool will unlock locked iPhone with the help of the iPSW data package.

The iPSW data package downloading and unpacking process is totally automatically, just keep connection during the whole process, once the iPSW data package was unpacked, click on Unlock Now button on the tool to start getting into locked iPhone.

The rest of the unlocking process that you can do is keep connecting. Be patient and wait a few minutes, after a while, restart iPhone, set up iPhone one more time, don’t forget iPhone screen lock password this time.

If you don’t want to pay one penny for the iPhone unlocking process, and you remember some information about locked iPhone, try other methods to bypass iPhone screen lock.

iCloud Helps to Unlock iPhone Without Password


It’s conditional, the find my iPhone feature should be enabled, you should have the locked iPhone linked Apple ID and password, try to restore from iCloud, it’s also the easy method to get into locked iPhone.

Go to iCloud.com with iPhone linked Apple ID and password, click on find my iPhone feature from the main page, if the find my iPhone feature was enabled, you’ll locate the locked iPhone from All Device, click on it.

The location of the locked iPhone, and all operable features for the locked iPhone, click on Erase to remove iPhone from this iCloud account, at the same time, your locked iPhone will be unlocked.


Activation lock after the operation appears on iPhone, just enter the Apple ID and password one more time to the iPhone to bypass the activation lock.

All data and settings will be restored to the factory reset after the process.

From two operable methods, choose the suitable one.