When you're dealing with jaundice, you have two primary options for jaundice treatment. One is the administration of medications in pill form to kill the parasites and the bile. The other is a simple home remedy for jaundice using a few ingredients that can be purchased at your local grocery store. No special medical equipment or medications are needed. In this article, we'll take a closer look at both.

First, let's quickly look at the jaundice treatment medication. It's often recommended that you begin with oral medications to kill the parasites in your liver. They come in tablet forms. If you've had liver disease or cancer, this may be a suitable option for you. Some of them will prevent the bile from clotting, which is why they are taken in the first place. The side effects of this type of jaundice treatment can include abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.

You can also take a blood thinner to prevent blood clots in your bile duct. A doctor may also prescribe an antifungal called terbinafine if your jaundice is particularly stubborn. kala yarkan ki alamat If none of these treatments are effective, your doctor may refer you to a liver specialist, who will perform a biopsy of the liver and do some drug therapy to destroy the parasite.

For children with liver disease, it's generally recommended that you start with a liver flush to rid the body of accumulated bilirubin. It's a complex procedure that usually involves multiple medications, but does not involve any special equipment. It will usually give relief to any jaundice symptoms but isn't usually necessary for children.

There are alternative means of jaundice treatment that don't depend on drugs or surgery. One of the most popular ways to treat jaundice is through a natural supplement that's made from coconut oil, green tea, and ginger root. It has all the jaundice-fighting nutrients you need. The best part is that it's usually easy to make, and has no side effects.

Another non-medical means of jaundice treatment is through a red blood cell supplement. These high-performing cells are available at health food stores. They're supplemented with vitamins and other nutrients that help fight inflammation and blockage of the bile duct. This method also has no known side effects.

If none of these alternatives works for you, there's a last resort: dialysis. If you have liver disease, your kidneys can't remove bilirubin. This substance is transported by the red blood cells throughout the body, but some are carried longer than others. If your kidneys can't remove it, your liver disease will cause you to develop jaundice, and dialysis can reverse it.

The best jaundice treatment will likely depend on your individual case. Don't assume that just because you've had a red blood cell transplant that you can avoid jaundice entirely. There are other, more natural, methods of fighting this illness.

Acetic Acid: Certain fruits and vegetables inhibit bilirubin production, including oranges, grapefruits, pineapple, pears, and bananas. You can eat or take acid from these foods, mixed with water, every day. yarkan ka ilaj After a week or so, you should see a big decrease in the number of bilirubin particles in your blood. Talk to your doctor about the best jaundice treatment for you, or about lowering the amount of animal protein you consume. Increasing the alkalinity of your blood will help, too.

Proteolytic Enzymes: They play an important role in fighting the bacteria that cause jaundice. They do this by breaking down the albumin that your body makes. However, make sure you talk to your doctor before taking any of these medications. Some can cause problems with your heart.

Natural Herbs: There are several herbs that can be effective in treating and curing the disease. Garlic, cinnamon, milk thistle, aloe vera, and artichoke can all help to alleviate the symptoms of jaundice. Just remember to always talk to your doctor before taking any of these herbs. Be sure they are safe for you to use.

Of course, there is no single best jaundice treatment. Each case is different, and the best way to find relief is to discuss it with your doctor. He or she will know what options are available for you. He or she may decide to combine some of the treatments listed above to find the best possible solution for you. In the end, you will feel much better and your symptoms will go away sooner.