If you living in urral area of Clovis ca, you have options from cable, DSL, and fiber-optic internet providers. For those in rural areas or just outside Clovis, satellite or fixed wireless internet may be the best internet options for residentials.

High-speed internet providers in clovis ca, Xfinity offers 100% availability in Clovis and surrounding areas. The Performance Starter Plus is an okay plan if you’re the only one at home, but most folks need more than that. If you’re working from home, or you like to stream TV, you’ll want more reliable speeds.

The Performance Select is the right plan to start with, and Xfinity offers a few incrementally faster speeds if you find that 100 Mbps can’t keep up with your family’s simultaneous streaming and you need top Xfinity internet speeds.

Xfinity internet speeds in clovis ca:

Xfinity internet plans come in up to seven speed tiers, ranging from 25 Mbps to 2,000 Mbps in some areas. In fact, Xfinity ranks as the fastest internet provider in clovis ca.

However, we typically recommend getting the right internet speed for you rather than just the fastest internet plan available. Check out these three popular Xfinity internet packages below to see which speed is right for you.

Xfinity cell phone plans and bundles:

Xfinity customers can sign up for Xfinity Mobile. It’s not available to anyone else. The exclusivity makes sense since Xfinity doesn’t have its own mobile network and uses Verizon’s for this service. Xfinity Mobile offers only a couple of plans, but if you don’t use a lot of data, Xfinity’s By the Gig plan can be super affordable.

Xfinity fiber internet:

Xfinity’s internet network is a hybrid of a fiber-optic backbone to carry internet signals quickly over long distances and coaxial cables to affordably carry internet directly to your home.

In some urban areas, Xfinity has built up its fiber-optic network. This allows for super-fast gig plans, including Gigabit Pro the fastest gig plan on the market today. Along with 2,000 Mbps (2 Gbps) download speeds and similarly fast upload speeds from Xfinity, Gigabit Pro also has unlimited data usage. Imagine how many 4K Ultra HD movies you can stream without worrying about going over your data cap. But Gigabit Pro comes with a two-year agreement and a whopping $299.95 per month price tag.

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