When you are involved with some heavy lifting jobs, a mobile crane will always come to your mind. These cranes are the most dependable ones along with being multifunctional, and you will be astonished to note that the weight capacity of these cranes is simply great.

They are extremely vital for several businesses as they are versatile and has a high demand in terms of cranes Sydney when you get them on rent or when you hire them.

Here you are going to find the  different types of cranes that are there in the market serving a variety of purposes:

Telescopic mobile cranes

If there is any kind of job that needs the positioning of the load in a precise manner, these cranes are the ones that you might need. It would be proving quite reliable and you are quite sure to come across them over the site of the construction.

Rough terrain crane

These cranes are remarkably vital while working in rough terrains since they are designed specifically to work under such extreme conditions.

Crawler cranes

Especially for the small and medium job sites, these are the cranes that are used within the industry of construction. Since they are constructed for lifting weights from one point to the rest, these are mainly mounted on the crawler tracks and not the wheels.

These crawler cranes are extremely heavy which duly increases the stability of these crane as these cranes. These are enabled by the crawler tracks as these cranes are capable enough to climb on slightly uneven surfaces too.

Scrap and waste mobile cranes

The cranes here are designed specifically for fulfilling the construction job and there are no waste management industry that can handle any of this especially when it comes to lifting the scraps and the weights.

Truck cranes

These truck cranes are extremely effective all due to the system which they make use as it is hydraulic and their mobility is completely exceptional which is why a great amount of power can be generated.

There is no special tool required to transport the cranes and these cranes come with diesel engines too.

All-terrain cranes

In order to make the travel on the rougher roads easier along with the ones that are public blending with the features of that of the truck cranes, these rough terrain cranes come with all the required elements and tools.


These are the cranes that are quite useful when it comes to dealing with the situations of the railroad, loading as well as maintenance of the trains since they are designed specifically to travel on the rails.

Floating cranes

When an unusual and extremely heavier load needs to be loaded onto the shop as they are designed in a way that can be used for the construction of the ports and bridges are how you can make use of these cranes.