Did you know the average millennial will hold 9-10 jobs in their lifetime? Yeah, that’s a lot of job hopping...but for recruiters- it’s good news because the opportunities for them are now endless! As the number of jobs we are likely to hold throughout our careers increased, so has the need for building relationships in recruiting. But the approach to building these relationships has largely evolved from printed adverts in magazines to posting job ads on LikedIn or Facebook. And even that’s not enough in today’s dynamic recruiting landscape where reaching out to the right pool of talent is getting harder everyday.

It’s time for recruiters to find even newer ways of connecting with their candidates to sustain these connections in the long run. Here’s where recruitment marketing automation comes in. As the world moves on from inbound recruiting, outsourcing the hunt for talent to a recruitment marketing agency will help you make more informed decisions as you fill job openings.

Generally, a marketing automation platform is extremely efficient by bringing intelligence to a variety of efforts such as lead nurturing, campaign planning and execution, measuring campaign effectiveness, website visitor identification and other time-consuming, repetitive tasks to drive purchase decisions. But looking at recruiting in particular, marketing automation can help employers engage with candidates across multiple platforms and channels via email, social media, events etc. to build relationships with them.

Now as a recruiter, you might question whether you absolutely need recruiting marketing automation to build relationships- probably not, but you definitely need it to build and sustain a personalised, digital relationship, which is exactly what matters in today’s tech savvy recruiting market.

More specifically, recruitment marketing automation can help you influence candidate journey and build relationships with them by engaging across all platforms from emails to social media to text messages and phone calls, building trust through consistent communication with them on multiple channels driving engagement, striking a chord through personalised content that resonates with them, getting that content delivered to them on the right platform at the right time and providing insights on how well a campaign did or how many clicks an email or a personalised ad received. You can use this insight to streamline your recruiting performance and drive the desired pool of candidates towards your business.

As the roles of a traditional HR hiring has shifted more towards marketing, it is essential for businesses to outsource the hiring process to a recruitment marketing agency that can create personalised automated marketing processes tailored to your industry and business needs for recruiting the best candidates.