My Salah Mat is an interactive prayer rug designed to teach children about the simple Muslim prayer, performed in a fun and interactive manner. The interactive rug is touch sensitive and also has pre-recorded relaxing sounds that are to be played, like prayer times, how to pronounce words, say long words, rude, recitatay, and so forth. It will teach about the different periods of salah, how to perform them, and what to say in each one. It will teach children from a young age about praying and spirituality. It also folds conveniently in small squares, which makes it very easy to keep clean.

This product is an inexpensive, yet quality product. It is available in all colors and styles to meet any decor or color scheme. It is very easy to care for and to keep clean. It is made of thick, high quality wool that is durable and looks beautiful. You can wash your Muslim prayer mat in the washing machine on a gentle cycle with no harsh detergents or chemicals. You may need to dry clean it occasionally, especially if the carpet is used often.

You will love the way your children respond to this product, as it provides an excellent, cheap introduction to salah and Islam to children. They will begin with the first few words of the prayer, learning how to say the word correctly and of course, reciting the prayer. Then they move onto learning about the entire process of praying and what salah means. They will enjoy learning about the pillars of Islam, from Hajj to Zakat and the five daily prayers.

Your children will also appreciate the advantage of using a touch sensitive prayer mat. Although you have to touch the mat to get it clean, touching the mat once or twice to feel that it is clean will help you keep it clean longer. The touch sensitive feature will be especially appreciated by children who are afraid of their hands getting dirty.

The construction of the Muslim prayer rug is sturdy and durable. The prayer mat has a seam running the full length of the mat. You can easily fold it in half so that you do not need to handle it around your waist. It is large enough that you can fold it up and keep it out of the way when not in use. It can easily fit into the corner of the closet or under the bed.

The prayer mat comes in a variety of styles. You can choose from ones that have an intricate design to ones that are plain. There are also ones that have an embroidered pattern on them. Many people use these Muslim prayer mats for daily prayers and use them to cover their laps while performing the Muslim routine of morning and evening prayers.

Most people use prayer rugs made by Al-Bukhari, a leading company in prayer mats. The company is known for making quality prayer rugs that last a long time. You may choose to purchase an al-bukhari prayer rug that has an exquisite design. You can also find prayer rugs from companies like Al-Zanussi and As Seen On TV. These companies produce beautiful products that can last for years and you know they will continue to serve you well.

Before you purchase a Muslim prayer mat from a local store or online, you should always consider how you will be using it. This will help you determine what material it should be made out of. You should also look at the construction and how it is crafted to ensure it will hold up to the daily wear and tear. You will also want to look for a man that will be able to withstand being washed several times.