Wallpaper can change the look of your home interior just in one touch. A flower wall mural allows you to bring the outside nature touch to your bedroom or living room.

They are available in varieties of designs, patterns, shades, etc., where you find the one that matches your rest of home décor and your taste. Let's have an account of various types of wallpaper designs for your home interior.

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It's a fact that elements of the outdoors can provide the perfect uplift to your interior design. Whether you're incorporating houseplants or making the most of natural materials, there are countless ways to make your interior look fabulous.

Many people will want to bring the feel of the outdoors into their homes. They make space feel more open, more inviting and add a splash of color where it's required.

What if you're confined to a smaller space? Or don't you want to join your interior with the outdoors in a literal sense?

While most tend to bring in new elements such as plants and other greenery, it is easy to overlook the simple changes. Walls are a crucial aspect of any home's interior, and they have a big part to play when bringing a touch of the outdoors into your decor.

  • Digital Wallpaper Murals

Digital wallpaper murals have many uses and benefits. They can be incorporated into countless interiors, including those which desire an outdoor theme.


  • Digital murals take your concept and bring it to life in the highest possible quality. In their production, an image or backdrop is digitally printed onto commercial-quality vinyl. Whether you go full woodland or prefer a more subtle weather stone finish, this is an opportunity that allows you to open up your imagination and design a wall covering to match your vision perfectly.


  • The slight difficulty with this may come in the size of the area you'd like to cover. In small homes, such as studio flats, as you'd find in many areas across London, choosing the right design and ensuring proper installation is tough.

There are many walls covering installers who can advise on the best way to move forward with your idea to make it a reality.

  • Real Wood Wall Coverings

As we've touched upon already, natural materials such as wood and stone are popular with this type of interior.

While many associates use natural wood on their floors, not many decide to take the leap and install it on their walls. With various styles to select from, there's a type to match most designs. There are many ways in which you can use wooden walls to significant effect. Firstly, you can choose what's called a "feature wall". This is where one wall is covered in the material, making it stand out among the rest. You can also look to cover all of your walls, or even just half of them to create a divide. IF you couple this with complementing wallpaper, the results are beautiful.

For a more rustic effect, weathered or whitewashed wood brings farmhouse design without being overpowering.

  • Grasscloth

Grasscloth is another natural material that does easy work of incorporating outdoor elements into your home. Subtle textures flow throughout grasscloth wallpaper and fabric wallpaper in London, adding depth to your decor. While available in many different colors, we'd suggest earthy tones to create the full effect.

The following are the ways you can use it in the interior of your home. A flower wall mural is the best idea if you want to bring the outside touch inside the house.