Some jobs are stressful. More than others. 

Hi, I’m Simon and I’m here to tell you how my job was super stressful and that went on to have an impact on my life. Don’t worry, this is a piece that will help you if you are going through the same. 

I had a hearing assessment test done in Sydney 

After years of working in a company that was a drill manufacturer and possibly the best one in the entire Australian continent, I started to notice that I would have a constant buzz in my ears. Now, it wasn’t that bad. I mean, it was faint sometimes and loud otherwise. 

But I did not pay attention to it. 

My wife forced me to get a hearing test at home in Sydney 

Once I told my wife of this feeling of hearing a buzz in the ear, she wouldn’t listen to any more. She contacted Hearing Aids’ Professionals and asked the audiometrist to come over. 

I think the facility of hearing tests at home in Sydney that these guys have started, is really a wonderful one. 

How did my hearing assessment test in Sydney go? 

The test was a simple one. In fact, there was a pitch match testing, a loudness match testing all to determine whether my hearing was compromised in some way and as the results indicated, it was. 

The audiometrists told me that the hearing loss treatment in Sydney’s premier clinic would entail me being able to apply for compensation under industrial deafness.

It was really helpful to have these professionals be so helpful while I was at a very difficult stage. 

The hearing loss treatment in Sydney also included me getting set with my pair of hearing aids. The fitting was done after a consultation session where I told them about my lifestyle and preferences. 

The customised pair of hearing aids really helped me journey through this tough stage.

When are you eligible to apply for industrial deafness claims under NSW? 

If you have been working in a profession or industry that has you exposed to loud sounds on a daily basis, you are eligible. 

This follows a process though. You need to get your hearing tested by an audiometrist, who will then write a complete report that will enable you to get compensation under the NSW industrial deafness claims

Hearing Aids’ Professionals is also an NDIS provider in Sydney, which means that if there is someone you know below 60 years of age who has a hearing loss and has a permanent disability since birth, they can be covered too under this scheme. 

It is my appeal to everyone, to just get your hearing tested when you can. Please, do not wait it out. 

These guys now even have a hearing test at home that they do in and around Sydney. Make the most of it!