Diablo 3: brush, simple and direct, then brush repeatedly

Path of Exile: brush, high degree of freedom, and then repeatedly brush what the father of the dark, these do not superstition.


The most powerful designer also has his limitations. What is hard core? Soul fight Luo one life clearance, thief hard core. Tea cup head is very difficult and hard core. But hard core is not the old low design. It's called hard core when you take it. That's the difference between hundouluo giving you four lives instead of one. Poe is not friendly to novices, not to Xiaobai, but to new users like Diablo. I remember that at the beginning of the game, a lot of equipment was sold without identification, and they didn't go back to the city, even the blue clothes were not picked up. Why? I can't put my backpack down, I don't have a certificate of identification, I don't go back to the city. The new users of Diablo lost in the early stage, not that it was too difficult, but that the design was too stupid. The original sin is to open up the wasteland and lose the fun. As for the later stage, those who devoted themselves to building finally found that the practical ones were those, and the talent of terror dawn was more huge. However, both of them wanted to brush the eyes of three weeks and four weeks, and many people really wanted to vomit blood. They all have a high degree of freedom. The horror dawn and Poe currency are all full of materials in the later stage. Throw them away and save them. It's useless to keep them. A good brush game has become a business game. The pleasant feeling of build is exhausted. Diablo 3 was widely criticized for its low degree of freedom, and later became a pure digital game. But Diablo 3 can be very smooth to let people brush up, brush to boring, put, more boring time to brush. In the end, it's all brush games, and Poe orbs has more garbage time than Diablo 3. Just like basketball, Diablo 3, both sides of the team played a 180-181, full court offensive, poor defense. Poe, both teams played 80-50, half full of firepower, half rubbish time.


In fact, they all talk about how Diablo 3 is not fun. In fact, I want to say that if Diablo 3 and Diablo 2 go on sale at the same time (including all the expansion films and DLCs so far), I personally believe that Diablo 2 will be blasted by Diablo 3. I don't know why some people will insist that Diablo 2 is more fun than Diablo 3, that BD is single, and that Blizzard teaches players to play games, The game update just changes the value. With respect to BD, there are 6 or 7 suits for each of the 7 professions in Diablo 3, and there are nearly 50 BD's not counting parts. You can say that each profession can play with one suit every season. There is imbalance among professions, but is it really unbalanced?


Blizzard has enough players to play for hundreds of hours with a set of strong suits for each profession every season, as well as BD with four players. Play a suit every season, you can play 50 seasons, even if you only play one season, the strong three professional three suit play again, this season you can't finish. They all say that Diablo 2 is good, so Diablo 2 you can play a BD forever? What is the number of BD in Diablo 2 compared with Diablo 3? Poe Exalted Orb is very excellent, the game content is rich, BD is free, when you try to do BD, you will find that BD you racked your brains to come up with is not powerful, on the contrary, no one else blind than to do it, really good BD is a few BD that some awesome players come up with, most of the players are copying homework, one is Blizzard teach you to play games, one is a few elite players, For ordinary players, their aprg game is to understand the content of the game, then find a set of BD, and brush the BD to graduate. I don't think it matters whether the BD comes with itself or what the players think. There are many arpgs on the market, not a few of them come out after Poe Items, but how many of them imitate Poe?


 In contrast to Diablo 3, so far, we can see that ARPG games will not be separated from the big and small mysteries. The DLC after the dawn of terror is always close to Diablo 3. Recently, the destructive Lord has almost completely overturned his own framework. Then, like Diablo 3, he is close to me. Some people always say that the high sales of Diablo 3 is due to the success of Diablo 2, which means farting with the wind, Most of the sales of Diablo 3 are sold by the sickle of soul after the official version is put on sale. The sales of the official version of Diablo 3 is about 1200 W points compared with Diablo 2. Up to now, Diablo 3 has sold 4000 W copies. Most of them are bought because of the excellent quality of the sickle of soul. It is said that the high sales of Diablo 3 is more or less affected by the light of Diablo 2.