Carpet cleaning companies use a variety of techniques and methods for cleaning carpets and for removing stains. These methods make use of specialized techniques and machinery that clean the carpet thoroughly.

Tiles and wooden flooring are easy to clean because there is less dirt and bacteria build-up on the surface. On the contrary, carpets get dirty quickly. Moreover, pathogens and dirt accumulate on carpet surfaces more relatively easily. Also, stains on carpets are tougher to clean as compared with other types of flooring. Stains on carpets can also leave a bad smell, which can be uncomfortable for the people that inhabit the space. Hence, having your carpet cleaned by a commercial cleaning company is essential. Not only do they clean the carpet, but they are also adept at removing stubborn stains.

The following is a list of some methods used by carpet cleaning in Broward County:

Carpet Shampooing

This technique is an old one; however, it yields the best results. In addition to this, it is a lengthy process, which involves cleaning the carpet with detergent and water. It can take more than a day for the carpet to be cleaned and dry thoroughly. If done properly, carpet shampooing tends to clean all the layers of the carpet.

However, there is one drawback with this method of cleaning carpets. If the detergent and foam are not removed from the carpet, it causes the surface to become dirtier over time. Also, the carpet may become sticky. Resoiling is another risk in this technique.

Bonnet Cleaning

Another popular carpet cleaning technique is Bonnet Cleaning. This method is excellent for cleaning the surface of the carpet. Bonnet cleaning involves the use of a machine that has rotating brushes. The brushes have cleaning solutions on them. The machine is run over the carpet and absorbs dirt from only the top layer of the carpet surface. If you are short on time and want to get your carpet cleaned quickly, Bonnet cleaning is the method for you. It may take a few hours for the carpet to dry completely.

Since the carpet is not completely cleaned, it will likely get dirty again. Also, dirt and cleaning chemicals from the brushes may accumulate on the carpet surface. In addition to this, many believe that Bonnet cleaning is too harsh on the carpet. 

Dry Carpet Cleaning

As the name suggests, dry carpet cleaning does not involve the use of water. So the carpet does not get wet. In dry carpet cleaning, a cleaning powder is used. Hence, it provides convenience when it comes to cleaning carpets. The powder is pushed into the carpet and absorbs dirt and grime. The powder is then brushed out of the carpet. A machine applies the cleaning powder onto the carpet. 

The dry carpet cleaning method is likely to clean the top layer of the carpet. If you want a complete cleaning solution, you should choose other methods of cleaning carpets.

Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

It is an effective carpet cleaning method that makes use of hot water. The hot water is injected into the carpet. A machine heats the water and applies it to the surface of the carpet. Along with the water, a cleaning solution is also applied. This method cleans the carpet thoroughly. It is also quite effective in removing bacteria and other pathogens from the surface. 

Another advantage of this type of carpet cleaning is that it allows the carpet to dry quickly. The carpet takes around a day to dry properly. It makes it easier to rinse the carpet. Hence, there is less likelihood of it getting dirty again. In addition to this, the carpet can be cleaned in relatively less time. It takes a couple of hours to clean the carpets in a single-story building. 


There are many carpet cleaning techniques. Each of these techniques has drawbacks and advantages. Aim to choose one that best suits your requirements and budget.