Remodelling your child’s bedroom is an exciting and challenging job. You adorn the room with the colours of their choice, make it bright and airy, keep bulky furniture to a minimum and even set up a well-stocked home study area for them. Your child is thrilled with their new bedroom and can’t wait to invite their friends over to play and study with them.

But you take a look at their bedding and wonder how you missed getting new sheets and blankets. Their old bedding is making the sleeping area look old and drab – but it’s not too late. Get a new memory foam mattress for their bed, and invest in new fluffy pillows, a new set of bed sheets as per mattress size, and new dohars or cotton blankets. Finish with a new floor rug next to the bed, and the sleeping area is complete!

But buying the bedding isn’t child’s play. You can buy everything online but you must know just what to look for. There are just three parameters to look out for when buying bedding for your child, but they are extremely vital:

* Make sure it’s soft.

Children’s skin is quite sensitive. Indeed, several skin and respiratory allergies that most of us face in adulthood have their origins in childhood, though many of them go undetected unless the flare up is serious. Children’s bedding must be super soft to the touch, with a breathable fabric that does not overheat the body while the child is asleep. 100% pure cotton bed sheets and comforters are best, whether for a double or single bed. You can invest in antibacterial bed sheets to prevent infectious viruses from harming your child, or hygro-cotton bed sheets that become softer with every wash.

* Make sure it’s exciting.

No child likes plain, drab colours in their world, whether it is about clothing or the bed linen they use. In fact, the more they can relate to their environment, the more gregarious and open they become – this is true of their bed linen as well. Buy them bed sheets with colours and designs they will love, especially their favourite superhero or cartoon characters. Leading bed linen brands retail cartoon character collections, like Else from Frozen or the Mickey Mouse Kids Collection. If your child is a Disney fan, they will love their new Mickey Mouse double bed sheet or a king size bed sheet in the same design. Try and get colour options featuring their favourite characters, and matching bath towels as well.

* Make sure it’s easy to clean.

Children’s bedding needs more intensive and frequent cleaning than adult bedding does: they are wont to eat snacks in bed and sip on juice while they watch their favourite TV shows, or play and jump on the bed when they have friends over, or even take the sheets off to make forts and castles. They may flop into bed after frenetic play, with mud and sweat trailing into the bed linen. All of this means that their bed linen must be washed frequently with mild, antibacterial liquid detergent. Do not use bleach to clean a child’s bedding, or indeed any bedding, as this might make the sheets scratchy and irritate their delicate skin. Cotton bedding is the easiest to clean, provided you use cold water, mild detergent, zero bleach and do not dry clean it. Air dry without direct exposure to the sunlight to preserve colours and fabric integrity for longer. If washed well and maintained correctly, your child’s favourite Mickey Mouse bedsheets can last for at least four to five years.