For a YouTube channel to become popular, it is not enough just to shoot interesting videos. The popularity of the channel ensures the growth of the number of subscribers and views, so it is necessary to work tirelessly to develop your account. We will tell you what tricks video bloggers use to attract the target audience.

Optimize your channel home page
If the theater begins with a hanger, then the YouTube channel is characterized by the main page. It is the general appearance of the channel that makes the first impression. To make channel visits aesthetically pleasing and encouraging to view content, you need to tidy up the home page.

To optimize your channel homepage, follow these steps:

Make the right channel cover. A unique banner should reflect the essence of the content so that the viewer can immediately understand what he will see on the channel. In order for the cover to display well on different devices, upload an image at least 2560 × 1440 pixels in size.
Customize the channel icon. It should look great both scaled down and scaled down as the icon represents a channel across the entire internet. YouTube recommends the use of a JPG, GIF, BMP, or PNG image at 800 × 600 pixels.
Write a description for the channel. This is a short summary of up to 1,000 characters about what the viewer will find on the channel. Try to display the content of the content as detailed as possible, you can add links to the description.
Personalize your thumbnails. Video icons should be interesting and at the same time consistent with the overall image of the channel. You can use branded fonts, colors, images.
Place a trailer on the homepage. It should not be too long and motivating to watch.
Ideally, after viewing the main page of the channel, a new user should understand what content is being offered to him and how interesting it is to him.

In fact, the main recommendations have been followed. The user sees what the channel is about, remembers the brand icon, can watch examples of videos in the trailer and decide whether to subscribe or not. Buy live followers and gain popularity!