Lotions are one of the essential skin-care products. Thus, they are commonly used by everyone irrespective of their gender or age. Moreover, numerous companies produce lotions for different purposes. Therefore, the competition in this industry is quite challenging. So, it is crucial to make the lotion packaging eye-catching. This will help your lotions stand out when they are displayed, among other lotions. This tactic will help to attract more customers, which will be beneficial for increasing sales.  

Here are some amazing secrets that can help you design successful lotion boxes as well: 

Choose an elegant design to win the hearts of customers

Packaging manufacturing is the first thing that customers come in contact with a company. Thus, it is essential to choose an appealing box design for your lotions. Packaging companies offer various options when it comes to selecting a design for Lotion Boxes Wholesale. Moreover, to make these designs suitable for your lotions, you can customize their sizes and shapes. Some of the designs available are: 

● Sleeve boxes. 

● Tuck-end boxes. 

● Seal-end boxes. 

Furthermore, you can also select a coating for your box as well. A suitable coating can notably enhance your design and make it better. There are three coatings that you can use for the boxes. These coatings include: 

● Matte coating. 

● Gloss coating. 

● Spot UV. 

Pick a robust material to keep the lotions safe 

It is important to keep the lotions safe so that you can provide your best services to the customers. Choosing a sturdy material can have many advantages. For example, sturdy materials keep the lotions safe from any damage. Moreover, they maintain the box structure so that it protects the lotions inside and doesn’t lose its appeal. You can also choose any material you think is best for your lotions and customize it according to your requirements. 

Cardstock, also referred to as pasteboard, is mostly used for these boxes. This material is durable and can be used to manufacture firm boxes. In addition to this, it is easily available at affordable prices as well. Moreover, rigid material can be used for lotion Boxes as well. It is thicker than cardstock and resilient as well. 

However, you can also pick kraft material for your boxes if you are looking for an eco-friendly solution. Kraft material is biodegradable and recyclable. Aso, it is just as sturdy as any other material used for these boxes. So, by selecting kraft material, you can easily create fantastic boxes without harming the environment. 

Pay special attention to printing

Printing plays a vital role in the design of your boxes. Moreover, printing is a useful tool for increasing sales as well. There are different kinds of lotions available in the market. Thus, customers always read the box before buying the lotion. This helps them know more about the lotion, which helps them to make their decision. 

Therefore, it is necessary to include important details regarding the lotions on the boxes. These details may consist of expiration dates, ingredients, directions for use and purpose of use, etc. However, it important to print these details in an enticing way to pique the customer's interest. Moreover, you should also include the brand name and the logo so that your lotions are distinguishable.  

Customizable printing techniques can also be used for Cardboard Lotion Boxes. Packaging companies offer three techniques that are suitable for different uses. These techniques include: 

● Flexography printing. 

● Offset printing. 

● Digital printing. 

Include inserts to maximize safety 

Lotions often have to be delivered or shipped to far-off places. Thus, the boxes may face an accident during this time. So, it is crucial to take every possible precautionary measure to keep the lotions safe. You can easily do this by including inserts in the boxes. Inserts keep the lotions firmly in place. Therefore, the lotions stay safe even if the box falls. Moreover, they also make sleeve boxes the assembling of the lotions efficient and tidy. Moreover, there are different inserts you can choose from for custom cosmetic boxes. These choices include: 

● Paper. 

● Blister 

● Punch inserts. 

● Cardboard. 

Add in a touch of your creativity

Whenever customers go to retail stores, they face a lot of options to choose from. This makes it hard to choose a suitable lotion. Hence people heavily rely on the price and packaging of the lotion. So, they mostly choose a lotion that catches their eyes first. This is why it is vital to design remarkable and eye-catching boxes.   

Colors play an important role in increasing the appeal of the boxes. So, you can make the boxes alluring by using vibrant and vivid colors. Such color combinations are bound to catch the customer’s attention and boost your sales as well. In addition to this, you can also pick a color model that fits your requirements. There are two models available for boxes. These models include CMYK and PMS. 

Similarly, you can also use add-ons to make the Kraft Lotion Boxes look luxurious and modern. Add-ons can enhance the design of the boxes by acting like accessories. Also, you can use the available add-ons in different ways as well. Some amazing add-ons are: 

● Debossing. 

● Embossing. 

● Foil stamping. 

● Die-cutting. 

● PVC windows. 

Select UrgentBoxes for remarkable packaging 

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