People expect a genuine deal when it comes to modern home design. Is brick wallpaper good enough?

Exposed brickwork is a popular and universally appealing design if you want to invest in the long-term charm of your home. They're also a lot nicer than brick contact paper. It provides a rustic appeal that can transform any home, regardless of size or location. It adds texture and a pop of color that paint or wallpaper can't match. While genuinely exposed brickwork isn't practical in every home, especially newer construction, there are choices. Genuinely exposed brickwork can be replaced with brick tiles.

Contact paper isn't quite capable.

Installing brick wallpaper is one technique to achieve a brick appearance. The contrast between brick wallpaper and brick tiles, on the other hand, is similar to everything else where price represents value. You could stay in a Travelodge and get by, but a Hilton will almost certainly be more pleasant. Brick wallpaper is available for a tenner, but is it worth it?

  • There's a reason it's so inexpensive. Some of it is better than others, but it is a poor substitute for the real thing for the most part. It may or may not last that long, depending on the quality.
  • There's always the risk of rips or corners coming away from the wall with wallpaper. On a brick effect, this looks worse than it would on a simple color wallpaper. After all, bricks aren't intended to tear.
  • It's pointless to have a brick look wallpaper if flaws undermine the illusion.
  • Exact characteristics and a lot of personalities are essential to successful interior design. Brick wallpaper frequently features cookie-cutter motifs that attract attention for the wrong reasons.
  • The fact that it's flat and untextured may be advantageous in some applications, especially in a business context. Aside from that, they aren't a viable substitute for the real thing.

What Makes Brick Tiles So Special?

  • They're designed to be installed over an existing surface. More information on this may find in our article on how to install brick tiles.
  • They are as realistic as you can get because each one is cut from an actual brick. You'll receive all the color, character, and even some of the natural variances that regular bricks provide.
  • Because of their durability, they are a long-lasting alternative, mainly if used inside. A lack of exposure to the elements will almost certainly be beneficial. And the longer they endure, the higher their worth becomes.
  • Although brick tiles are not structurally necessary, they do give greater flexibility than genuine bricks. A brick wall may place anywhere that one is required.


Brick tiles are unique in that they are formed of brick material but are not bricks themselves. They may be used anyplace and appear to be authentic.

The impact of brick contact paper, on the other hand, is not the same. It could work in some situations, but your home is worth more. Yes, you spend a little more on the benefits of brick tiles, but they are well worth it in the end.