As a tattoo artist, you know that your tattoo supplies are very important. You already have to buy your ink, needles, and paints, right? Well, there is one more critical item that you should consider purchasing before heading to the tattoo parlor - your tattoo supplies kit! Without this crucial tool, you're not getting the job done properly. As a matter of fact, there is a pretty good chance that your tattoo could go haywire or even badly incorrect. You don't want to waste your time, money, or even your health by making the wrong decision here, so make sure that you get it right the first time.

So, where do you start? Like most tattoo Supplies, you have a number of machines that you regularly use, such as the rotary tool and ink-jet machines. While these pieces of tattooing equipment are essential, they aren't the only things that you will need to complete a successful tattoo. For example, there are lots of power supplies that you'll need for tattooing. The following list is the most common machines that people purchase for their own use and/or to sell on online auction sites. It's important to remember that all power supplies operate at different strengths, so it's important that you know which ones are best for you before shopping.

Rotary needles These machines will give your tattoos a smooth, clean, and even finish. They're popular with many tattoo artists, since they usually last longer than the other machines on the market. The ink that these machines dispense is typically water-based, and the needles can be switched from a wide angle needle to a fine tipped needle in order to create more precise results.

Thermal Copiers These machines are used to make larger font and larger text, such as your logo and your name. You can also use them to create larger images, such as business logos. However, before you buy a thermal copier, you should be sure that you've already purchased your ink and that your copier has the right type of ink. Some types of ink will last longer in some printers than they do in others. Be sure to ask your tattoo artist if they recommend a particular brand or model when making your purchasing decision.

Stencils & Paintbrushes These items are used for inking in general, but they're especially helpful for tattooing equipment. You can use stencils to outline your design and then use paintbrushes to color in your design. These two basic tattoo supplies are extremely important for your success as an at-home tattooer. However, there are more advanced tattoo supplies that you may want to consider if you enjoy working with your own equipment.

Medical Supplies Certain medical supplies are needed when making sure that your customers are safe. First, make sure you have a medical grade sterilizer available. Sterilizing equipment is important for making sure that you're using proper medical procedures. Also, if you plan on doing skin grafts from a patient's arm, gloves are necessary.

Autoclave A commercial autoclave isn't something you should think about purchasing for your own home tattoo shop, but it is necessary for making sure that all of the tattoo supplies you buy are sterile and safe. Sterile equipment is important for making sure that you don't pass along infections to anyone who uses your tattoo shop equipment. However, you'll also want to consider making use of an autoclave if you do plan on performing any medical procedure involving burning chemicals. An autoclave works best for this type of procedure, because chemicals can be burned without spreading their harmful properties throughout the entire area being worked on. Remember, though, that an autoclave can be extremely expensive, and many professional studios don't necessarily have one available for their customers.

Thermal Copier And Inkjet Printer If you plan on doing a lot of printing work with your customers, then you'll want to look into purchasing both a high quality thermal copier and an inkjet printer. Depending on what you're trying to accomplish with your business, both options can be very beneficial. A high quality tattoo chair, stencil set, and thermal copier are other great things that you should look for when buying tattoo supplies, especially if you're just getting started in the tattoo business.

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