Millions of mosquitoes swarm to form a tornado in Russia. Villagers drive over mosquitoes gathered tightly blocking visibility. daily mail website Reports of events that occurred in the Kamchatka region,Russia, which, if viewed from a distance It's like a dust-like tornado is forming in front. But when he got closer, he had to get goosebumps, because what he saw was a mosquito tornado. caused by the merger of millions of mosquitoes that invaded the region Local residents say that as they drive through the swarms of mosquitoes, the road ahead is barely visible. because there are only mosquitoes flying around The experts pointed out that the integration of a large number ofmosquitoesin such a way, it's not uncommon. What happens is that male mosquitoes fly around to mate with female mosquitoes during the mating season. And usually male mosquitoes do not injure humans. The villagers are also familiar with the mosquito tornadoes that occur every year but this year the number is more intense than the previous years. สมัคร AMBBET join here with automatic system, fast, stable, 100% safe, the most stable amb deposit-withdrawal system. Fast service in 30 seconds. Registerwith us.