According to studies, men are more likely to avoid screenings than women. This behavior could be a result of fear of the diagnosis, the assumption that nothing could be wrong, self-medication, etc. Time and again, experts stress the importance of going for a check-up at least once a year, especially for people over 30.

Even seemingly healthy people are advised by experts to get a 360-degree health check-up at least once a year to prevent disease. A regular health check-up can help detect abnormalities early, keep track of overall health and also reduce medical costs in the long run.

A standard men's health checkup typically covers the following areas. However, depending on the individual's medical history, the doctor may prescribe additional tests or avoid some. He or she may also advise follow-up tests.

Essential tests and screenings
Cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure
Body mass index (BMI)
Colorectal cancer screening
Oral health
Immunization schedule
Skin cancer
Prostate cancer screening
Viral Hepatitis
If you are leery of the procedure and results, see your doctor first for a casual appointment and talk about your general health before undergoing a complete health check.

It is important to realize that most diseases are not outwardly apparent. Regular checkups help us get to know our bodies and their needs better, and help us keep an eye on our well-being.

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