Flatscreen LCD or plasma TVs are the current trends in home entertainment, and an increasing number of individuals own one or have recently acquired one. When you go from a traditional TV to a flatscreen LCD or plasma, you'll want to consider how to best showcase your new purchase; after all, you want to show off your new purchase to its most significant advantage. A Bohemian tv stand is ideal since it offers a gorgeous, sleek design and generates a home theatre atmosphere.

Advantages of a TV Stand

  1. Television wall-stands may not only boost your watching experience with unnoticeable varied viewing angles, but they can also aesthetically enrich the décor of any area, giving the room a nice look and feel with their discreet design. TV wall stands may be mounted on walls, freeing up a lot of floor space while also giving a better viewing experience.
  2. Apart from saving space, television wall-stands allow you to place your television on the wall at a comfortable viewing height and at an optimum angle that complements your room's décor and function. For example, in your media room or den, you may mount your TV on a strategically positioned wall-stand; in your kitchen or home gym, you have the option of hanging the television on the ceiling.
  3. Large LCD or plasma TVs, which would typically overwhelm a tiny space if positioned in the usual fashion, can also be shown on television wall-stands. Television wall-stands keep your pricey equipment out of reach of curious children. Television wall stands are also universal, meaning they can change to accommodate any size television.

Types of TV Stands

  1. Fixed tv wall stand

It is the most basic of all wall stands, and it is permanently set in place. This sort of TV wall-stand is the least versatile since it can't change in any manner - angles can't modify, and tilting or movement isn't possible. These TV wall stands are the most affordable and are perfect for spaces with only one or two seating locations for watching television. It is one of the most accessible TV wall stands to mount on the wall. A fixed TV wall stand can firmly mount any TV, regardless of its size, to the wall.

  1. Tilt tv wall stand

Tilt TV wall stands are similar to fixed TV wall stands, except that the frame attached to the TV may tilt to alter the viewing angle. Although you can't move it on a horizontal or vertical axis, tilting television wall stands to provide you some versatility in viewing grades.

  1. Articulating tv wall stand

Articulating TV wall stands are TV wall stands that allow the television to swing away from the wall on the arm. All of the functions of a tilt TV wall stand and a swivel TV wall stand are included in these units. It swivels left and right and tilts for a better viewing angle, with the added benefit of tilting left and right.

Which type should you go?

Choose a Bohemian TV stand based on your own choice and budget, as well as the dimensions of your space and where you want to install the television. There are many different types of TV wall stands available, each with its own set of characteristics.