To obtain the best discounts in DSF, get there early. Although sales and reductions are available throughout the month, you certainly don't blame retailers for favoring early birds. Make preparations ahead of time. Make an initial list of your must-have purchases and plan your process efficiently. Read up with the best places to get goods and do some exploration. Items purchased on rare occasions can be made afterwards. It is particularly important if you are just in town for a few days. To use the apps, simply just tap on them. Many shops in Dubai have their very own apps that keep employees satisfied with current discounts and bargains. Make an effort to "spend more, earn more." You can get quick bonuses, cashback, and points using credit cards, card payments, or a digital payment app.


Desert Safari

Desert Safari is among the few activities that tourists consider a must-do activity in Dubai. Tourists love to do different thrilling experiences such as camel safari, quad biking, sandboarding, trying Arabic Cuisines, and much more. If you want to double the thrill of your trip, then try a camel safari in the morning. Not only are these activities thrilling but also unforgettable.


The ideal time for Shopping

Don't overwork yourself. If you become tired of purchasing, there are many restaurants, salons, and tourist sites in the malls. It is, without a doubt, the ideal time of the year to purchase items at large discounts and the lowest possible costs. So, make a list of almost everything you wanted to buy and prepare to indulge your inner shopper. You will be curious about the specifics of this massive shopping event. As a result, it is more than just a beautiful location.

Dubai Mall 

 Packed with everything from major boutiques like Zara and Prada to delicious restaurants and family activities like the Museum, Indoor Pool, and Kidzania, the Dubai Mall is simply noticeable during Dubai Shopping Festival.

Emirates Malls

The Emirates Mall is home to Dubai Ski, the world's largest tourist attraction, Apple Store, and retail outlets, all of which work together to get customers a unique shopping environment.


Dubai Festival City Mall

The mall, which runs parallel to Dubai Creek, is home to over 400 clothing and furnishing shops and stores. Enjoy the great meals at the food stalls, and watch the lasers and fountains display in the afternoon.


Mall Mercato

Business travellers such as Lava, Toy R Us, and H&M, as well as VIP cinemas, family commercial areas, and luxury hotels, are all located within the mall.


Ibn Battuta Mall

The famous Arab adventurer Ibn Battuta's travels to Andalusia, Persia, Tunisia, Egypt, China, and India inspire each one of the mall's six courtyards. The store is known for its excellent stonework, massive gold elephants, and great architecture, in addition to having shopped for notable companies from across the world.


Markets and souks

If you don't care about labels, visit the souks to get a true sense of Arabian marketplaces. Several of Dubai's most famous souks are located in Deira, including the Gold Souk, Spice Souk. If you skip the branded products, you'll find practically something you'd find at the shops at even reduced costs!


The raffles are a feature of DSF for several people. To partake, you must purchase a numerical ticket. If your figure is drawn at the chance, you will win fantastic rewards. This year, Nissan and its luxury automotive division, INFINITI, will organize giveaways, enticing money and in-kind prizes on offer.



The DSF hosts a range of tourism and craft programs for tourists' interest. Hussain Al Jassmi and Tamer Hosny, two well-known Arab musicians, will begin the Burj Stadium event. 

Cirque de Glace, an ice performance set to take place at the Dubai Opera, is yet another entertainment to enjoy forward. But this is not all the couple of weeks event. There will be a host of different stage concerts and events.



Dubai is proven to be a world-class cuisine attraction. Visitors will have a wonderful time in Dubai, whether they are sampling local specialties and food stalls in the souks or enjoying several meals at one of the city's greatest eateries. Margot, Luqaimat, knafeh and Arabic espresso should all be on your list.



 The event's celebrations are incredibly breathtaking, with over 75 performances showering beautiful colours from across Dubai cityscape. In the afternoon, try to find a clear place with a spectacular ambience view of the show. As a result, it's worth photographing and spreading their folk's elegance and attractiveness on social media. Furthermore, it glows at night, adding to the glitz and glam of the masterpiece. 


Take a city tour.

If you're only within the town for the deals, there's a lot else to see and do. Some of the must-see attractions in Dubai are the Dubai Museum, Burj Khalifa, Dubai Museum, Al Fahidi Quarter, Dubai World Trade Tower, Sheikh Saeed Al-Maktoum House, Jumeirah Mosque, and Dubai Frame.


Traditional Shows during Desert Safari

If you are on a visit to Dubai, then don't miss the night shows of Dubai Desert Safari. It will make you feel like traditional Arab folks. Also, visit nearby places. You will get a chance to explore ancient places. Famous belly dance Tanoura dance and so much more performances and shows will not fail to amaze you.



Stores will remain open from 10 a.m. tonight. More than 3500 businesses and malls throughout the city participate in events and give clients enticing deals, including up to 90% off, cash vouchers, and presents, depending on your purchasing. The all-under-one-roof shops will not disappoint you if you desire a spectacular retail experience that is genuine to Dubai.

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